Da Lat food – The most famous dishes in Da Lat everyone should try

The most famous Da Lat food that you should never miss

1. Banh Trang nuong Di Dinh – one of the most famous Da Lat food store

apart from grilled rice paper in Da lat market, there is another good Da Lat food store with quality food specializing in grilled rice paper that you should try. it is banh trang nuong di Dinh. This restaurant is on Hoang Dieu street and it is said to be the most “Hot” grilled rice paper shop in Da Lat. If you want to try, remember to come early to buy or it will be sold out. You should try this Da Lat food dish

da lat food
Banh Trang nuong Di Dinh – one of the most famous Da Lat food store
  1. Hoang Dieu meatballs sandwich – breakfast

Those who often go to Da Lat definitely know banh mi xiu mai Hoang Dieu which is one of the morning specialty of local people in Da Lat. Getting up in the early morning, and then enjoy “xiu mai” in here with a cup of warm soy bean milk before visiting tourism destinations in Da Lat. The tasty broth with the big meatballs. The fried meat is delicious, unlike that in Sai Gon. This restaurant is always full of customers so you should come early. The price is only 10.000 dong/bowl


  1. Tao Ngo- La E chicken hot pot- dinner

La E Chicken hot pot is one of the most delicious hot pot restaurant in Da Lat. Located in the main road leading to Da Lat city from French Pass (¾ street), La E chicken hot pot restaurant is small with normal space even a bit narrow, dark but it has a wonderful chicken hot pot dish. At the first time i came here, i saw a lot of local people and i had to wait for 5 mins to have a seat as this food store is quite crowded. The quality of hot pot is perfect with a lof of meat. I ordered a serving for 2 person with the price of 200.000 dong. My hot pot is too small to put all meat in, so i had to use a bowl to put meat. A delicious hot pot is suitable in the rainy days in Da Lat. Chicken meat here is quite firm. In my opinion, this is one of the best restaurant in Da Lat that everyone should try

  1. da lat food
    Barbecue chicken and bamboo-tube rice on Doi Trang hill

Another delicious Da Lat food store is Barbecue chicken and bamboo-tube rice on Doi Trang hil

The name sounds so poetic. When coming here, you can enjoy delicious Da Lat food and watch mountain, a colorful garden which is best for taking photos. This restaurant has barbecue chicken and bamboo-tube rice that are very tasty, chicken grew up in the garden, and they are cooked in the place with a unique formula making you remember forever.


5. Kozy – Beer & Kitchen

For those who want to experience a different dish, they should consider to choose such a food place combined with leisure activities. The luxury space is youthful, bright with music DJ will definitely take away all the stress and tiredness from you, which is suitable for young people who love animation and business

  1. Singapore frog rice gruel

The next food store that Foody would like to introduce to everyone is Singapore frog rice gruel 151. Vedette of this shop is the spicy and hot frog gruel that anyone who eats in the cold weather in Da Lat will be addicted. The great point of this shop is the fresh frog with firm meat marinated with spices making the dish very appealing

Apart from Frog rice gruel, you can have soft fat and cool tofu as the desert. Menu here has 10 types with various topping, each spoon of fatty soft tofu will make your meal more delicious. Coming to Da Lat, don’t forget to try it

da lat food
Singapore frog rice gruel
  1. Thanh Thao  Avocado ice cream – dinner

Afternoon is the time to eat the legendary Thanh Thao avocado ice cream. Everyone knows this shop. Avocado is tasty and so soft and fragrant, adding more coconut ice cream is the best. It costs only 20000 dong. This store also sells fruits and Thai cocktail, anyone can try them if you want.
8. beef hot pot Go quan – dinner or lunch
Talking about delicious Da Lat food stores, we can not miss this restaurant. Its location is quite hard to find, i got lost for 5 times, asked many people to come here. All the street is tavern, food stores which are very close to each other. But this shop is the most crowded. The space is abit narrow as it is always full of clients. The dishes are very delicious. the price for a serving of 2 person is 150.000 dong. There is much fresh vegetables and meat which is very thick . I ordered lean meat hot pot but there is also vein which is very is delicious

  1. Banh can Nha Chung

speaking of the most famous banh can in Da Lat, banh can Nha Chung is a worth-mentioning one which has been well known for many years. There are 2 types of sauce including: fish sauce and strong fish sauce which is very delicious and unique. Banh can here has 2 types which are banh can trung cut and banh can trung ga. They are both tasty but banh can trung is fatty and it has a buttery taste

10. Banh Canh Xuan An – lunchWe eat this dish as lunch. Banh canh Xuan an is famous but literally it is not very tasty.
Bún bò, mì quảng buổi sáng nè. ordering a bowl of banh canh cha, but there is much grilled chopped meat and less banh canh. However, the grilled chopped meat is good. it costs 22 0000 dong, those who are not familiar with finest flour will be full the whole day. This food store opens from 11.30 to 21 o’clock.

da lat food
Banh can nha chung is a tasty dish in Da Lat
  1. Nem nuong Ba Hung (grilled spring rolls) – lunch

Speaking of  spring rolls in particular and Da Lat food in general, you can not miss Ba Hung grilled spring rolls – one of delicious Da La food dishes that you should try. This shop is located on Phan Dinh Phung street, right in the centre so it is quite near Ho Xuan Huong. You just go along PHan Dinh Phung street and notice the most crowded place is Ba Hung grilled spring rolls. However, the food quality is really good.

  1. Banh uot long ga (Steamed thin rice pancake with chicken’s tribes) – Tang Bat Ho – breakfast or dinner

Banh uot is not too hot, on the top is tear chicken meat, chicken’s tribes, the meat is tough not starchy.. the fish sauce is very delicious. The price is 28.000 dong/ bowl. Those who want to eat the tribes, just order one more plate of tribes which is so so tasty. This restaurant also opens in the morning so those who do not know what to eat in Da Lat, just com here to enjoy Da La food. Talking about Da Lat food without mentioning Banh uot long da Tang Bat Ho is really a pity.

13. Lunch 33 – Snail Oysters & Hotpot Beef Tails
– Dinner In Da Lat there is one that you definitely have to try if you will not regret it, it is stuffed meat. Traveling the plateau that eat snails does not seem right, right? But believe me, try once you will taste snail stuffed meat at shop 33, Hai Ba Trung Street. The mussels are grinded, mashed and then stuffed into the snail with lemongrass, then steamed on a large to keep heat and smell. When you bring it to the guests, open the lid of the pot is you will enjoy a unique meat snail stuffed meat in a cool atmosphere of Da Lat, is not equal. In addition, the restaurant also sell hot pot, it is also delicious.

14. BBQ No.1 – Le Hong Phong – A delicious barbecue dish of Da Lat food
Good restaurants in Da lat can not miss BBQ No.1 – one of the delicious barbecue in the center of Dalat. The shop is on the slope of Le Hong Phong Street. With the intimate atmosphere of the popular barbecue but equally no more exciting with the music here makes your barbecue more delicious. In the cold air of Da lat that enjoy the barbecue is not fruitful at all.

There are delicious grilled dishes such as: roasted pork, grilled beef, pork breast, roasted turkey, grilled frog, grilled shrimp, grilled squid, … extremely diverse. In that I saw the rooster and grilled oyster quite delicious mouth and mouth.

da lat food
BBQ No.1 – Le Hong Phong – A delicious barbecue dish of Da Lat food

15. Me Linh Garden – Cafe with 360 degree view
After breakfast we go to cafe in Me Linh garden, hear the rumors here can see the whole 360 degrees Da Lat. In addition, you can see how to prepare mink cafe that. The disadvantage is quite far from the center of Dalat city, with the pass through a long road no less than 10km so it is not appropriate to go to the evening nhe. Suitable lunch at noon and only at noon you can be free to live virtual space in front of.

16. Soya milk Hanh
Continue to go to the Hanh dairy, there are three criteria: free – delicious, located at the fork of the Vietnamese. Who to Da Lat, please visit this restaurant to try

17. Street porridge night 3/2
Eating porridge in the cold weather is really wonderful. Good porridge, only 20.000 dong for each bowl, enthusiastic hostess. Under the cold night , you just need to eat hot porridge and you will be  warm immediately. End of holy day.

da lat food
Street porridge night 3/2

18. Lien Hoa bread – Nga bread
In the morning we often eat bread. We eat either Lien Hoa bread or Nga bread. Nga bread shop is in front of Lien Hoa bread shop. It was a small glass cabinet but the Nga bread was delicious. Especially the cold meat, which has the perfect taste. Depending on the taste of each person and you can choose the most suitable restaurant. In my opinion, I prefer Nga bread. Bread is only 15.000 / 1 loaf.

19. Pho Hieu
Talking about Da Lat food store, we can not miss Pho Hieu. In the evening we go to eat Da lat Pho, enlightenment is eaten with fresh Salad, look strange and so delicious food. As Da Lat is cold, hot dishes like hot water such as Pho are the number one choice. A bowl of pho is 35.000 dong.

20. Thai Ba Trieu Tea
One of the delicious restaurants in Da lat has a very cute decoration space that is Tea Ba Trieu. Besides the beautiful space, the quality of tea in Ba Trieu Thai is also delicious and attractive. Little tourists are known, usually only local people to eat. If you like to try tea in Da Lat, definitely not miss this address! It is delicious and greasy butter cream.
21. Under-cooked eggs Lotteria Nguyen Thi Minh Khai
This shop is near Lotteria, just a side-walk street vendor. It is right under the walking street board. If you want to eat the under-cooked eggd, remember to remind the owner, or you will eat the fully cooked eggs as usual. The owner is like superman, he can do whatever you want