Da Nang food – 15 must – try dishes when traveling to Da Nang

15 Da nang food dishes tourists should try when visiting Da Nang

1. Banh trang thi heo hai dau da

A plate of pork meat with lean and fat parts will make the dish not dry, not bored and served with vegetables including all kinds of salad, fragrant, perilla, lettuce fish, .. and sliced fruit as the price, pineapple, mango, cucumber, green banana, is rolled and dipped in the delicious sauce, which is extremely tasty

da nang food
Banh trang thit heo – one of the most famous Da nang food


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2. Banh trang nuong -Baked rice cake

Baked rice cake is a familiar dish of Da Nang food. In Da Nang, rice paper is varied and combined with many spices, attached food so it looks very appealing and you should definitely try when coming to this city.

da nang food
Whenever visiting Da Nang, you should try this dish

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3. Banh xeo – Nem lui (Vietnamese pancake – Hue lemongrass skewer)

If you’ve come to Da Nang, do not hesitate to try . Banh xeo-nem lui in Da Nang, which is speacial in the aromatic sauce with the fatty flavor of peanuts.

da nang food
Banh xeo – nem lui served with many fresh vegetables

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4. Mi Quang- Quang Noodles
Noodles is a typical dish in Da Nang food list. a bowl of Quang noodles with many kinds of fillings like shrimp, beef, chicken, ram … for you to choose. Not much water like Vietnamese noodles soup or vermicelli soup , this dish contains little broth but it has a strong taste

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5. Seafood

Danang is a coastal city so it is a pitty that you to come to Da Nang without eating seafood. At the seafood shop in Da Nang, you will be given a selection of fresh seafood to choose, then they will be put into the kitchen and cooked in place.

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6. Vietnamese seafood gumbo vermicelli soup

Talking to Da Nang food, you can not ignore these kinds of sauce. Vermicelli noodles in Da Nang are not commonly sold in Saigon and its taste is not very good even when it is sold there.Therefore, when you have a chance to visit Da Nang, you should take advantage of and try this dish, the smell of the sauce is very rich. Remember to have 1 teaspoon of chewing gum after eating.

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7. Goi oc buou- Snail salad
Snail are taken out of the shell, laid on the fresh vegetables plate, then sprinkle fish sauce up. Then continue to add thin blue mango, papaya salad, then the aromatic fired oinion on the top … Mix all these ingredients together, creating a delicious snail salad which is difficult to refuse. Crispy snail, the vegetables, fruit are clamped together to create a delicious dish hard to describe

da nang food
Fish salad with many kinds of topping on the surface

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8. Fish rice noodles

speaking of Da Nang food, this dish is a worth-mentioning one. There are many restaurants, the most famous one is in Nguyen Chi Thanh street. A bowl of fish noodles filled with mushrooms is 25k, less bun but more fish. when eating, add a little bit sauce.

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9. Banh it- banh bot loc (Vietnamese clear rice dumplings- clear shrimp and pork dumplings)

You will be attracted by Banh it – banh bot loc trays in Da Nang, which look very stimulating . The tray is full of huge slices makes us want to eat right away

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10. Yaua salt

Yaua is normal but yaua salt is quite strange with many people. Yaua home made has a delicious glaze, served with salty sour sour cold salt is very tasty

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11.Grilled Stingray

Stingray in Saigon is very expensive, but in Da Nang, it is delicious but cheap. Stingray roasted with lobster leaves,wrapped in rice paper, which is really appealing . one great thing is that you can eat its bone which is crispy. A large grilled stingray has the price ranging from 100k to 150k.

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12. Salad of fish

Da Nang is famous for the fish salad in Nam O incluing two types: dry fish salad and wet fish salad . Wet fish salad is spicy but delicious, those who do not like spicy food can eat dry fish salad. Wet or dry salad depends on each person’s taste.

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13. Chao cho- Waiting porridge

In Danang, it is called Chao cho, in Saigon it is called rice spagetti. This dish called Chao cho is because hardly when coming to the restaurant does the owner begin to boil cake and cook so it take quite a long time to eat. There are two types of rice spagetti here which are best flour and wheat flour, unlike in Saigon. Scabbard are dried, and then rimmed so the fish seems to be tough very delicious

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14. che xoa xoa hat luu – pomegranate soup

Da Nang pomegranate soup can be considered as one of the delicacies of Da Nang food with the different processing style and taste compared with the that of all other regions. Ingredients for making this dish including pomegranate, black agar, coconut milk and green beans and sugar.

da nang food
A cup of xoa xoa hat luu will help you with the hot weather in the summer

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15. Be thui –

Be thui meat in Da Nang is red but raw, the skin is yellow but not dry, not tough and smokeless. This is a special feature of the be thui dish in Cau Mong. Pick up a thin slice of bread, wrapped with vegetables, add some sliced banana, papaya, a piece of calf, then bake a little rolls … roll all over, dip in the fish sauce, delicious taste spread from the tip of the tongue down to the neck,

da nang food
Be thui meat with a bit pinky color is a worth-eating dish in Da Nang

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