Da Nang food tour with only 200.000 vn dongs to try most delicious dishes

Da nang food tour- “Eat up” all the delicious Da Nang street food with only 200.000 dong.

Tourists will experience a Da Nang food tour with many special dishes. For example, Quang noodles, Vietnamese gumbo soup, jackfruit salad, snail , are typical dishes you should try on when coming to Da Nang.

Quang Noodles

This is a popular morning snack in Da Nang. Some food stores in Hai Phong, Nguyen Huu Tho, Nguyen Cong Tru also sell this dish all day. The price of each bowl of Quang noodles fluctuates around 15,000 to 50,000 VND, depending on each place

A bowl of traditional “Quang” noodles with flat white noodles, shrimp, pork or chicken, eggs, roasted peanuts, crunchy rice, served with herbs.If you come to Da Nang on the first lunar month, it will be very difficult to find a bowl of meat noodles, it will be vegetarian noodles with main ingredients from tofu, mushrooms and tubers instead

da nang food tour
quang noodles – a popular food when discovering Da Nang food tour

Banh xeo- nem lui

The delicious pancakes stores often gather on Hoang Dieu Street, Trung Nu Vuong, Chau Thi Vinh Te, Dong Da. The average price is from 20,000 to 100,000 VND depending on the number of cakes and rolls.

Central pancakes usually has the same size with that of the plate so it is tough and crispy and easily to be wrapped. Extra spices is hot soy sauce with the moderate flavor..

da ang food tour
Banh xeo – nem lui

Bun Mam- Vietnamese gumbo soup

This is a popular low cost speciality and easy to find in Da Nang. Enjoy bun mam in the store, the pavement or the market will give you the most perfect flavor. You can try Bun mam in Con or Han market in the afternoon, prices from 15,000 to 30,000 per bowl.

A full bowl of bun mam with pork, pork, beef, spring rolls, herbs, paprika or thin nymphs and a bowl of fish sauce. Indispensable spice is the smell of peanuts and crispy

da nang food tour
A bowl of bun mam nem with full kinds of topping

Bun thit nuong- Charcoal grilled pork on skewers with noodles

As well as bun mam nem, bun thit nuong are familiar dishes with Danang people. This dish is very easy to find, cost about 15,000-30,000 per bowl. Bun thit nuong in Da Nang is served with soy sauce, bringing a meaty and selicious taste made from pig liver, ground meat, soy sauce and some other ingredients.

da nang food tour
A serving of bun thit nuong

Mit tron- Jackfruit salad

Talking about Da Nang food tour, this is one of the three most popular snacks of Da Nang youth. These dishes are sold mainly in the “snack village” on Bui Thi Xuan Street, at Tran Thi Ly Bridge pier

Jackfruit is a favorite of many people, the raw ingredients are jackfruit, pork skin, dry beef, accompanied by peanuts, mixed well and put rice paper on and eat. Price is about 20,000.

Oc hut- a kind of snail

Oc hut in Da Nang are often processed with many flavors: from fried with coconut, or chili to boiled are all hot sweet-smelling. This dish is eaten with spicy papaya fibers according to the central taste. The price ranges from 15,000 VND to 30,000 VND.

da nang food tour
Oc hut – a specialty of Da Nang


The final dish in Da Nang food tour is the salt yogurt. The owner usually brings out a tray of about 10 yoghurt ups with white salt dishes. Money is paid according to the amount of yogurt customers eat. Yogurt here is soft, not too fat. At first, dinners will feel the salty taste of salt followed by the sweetness of yogurt in the throat. Price VND 1,000 a pot.