Da Nang Vietnamese restaurant list for visitors when coming to Da Nang

Top Da nang Vietnamese restaurant in Viet Nam.

There are more and more Da Nang Vietnamese restaurant in Da Nang. On the weekends, you can invite friends to come to these places for chatting. You can enjoy the delicious food and talk with each other at the same and bond your friendship. Let’s go around the most famous Da nang Vietnamese restaurant to hang out with friends

Sea Crab – Seafood restaurant
Da Nang is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. There are many types of seafood here that can not be found in other places. Seafood is processed just mouthgully but still keep the natural sweetness and the price is also quite reasonable so it is worth trying.

da nang vietnamese restaurant
Crab here is always fresh

SOHO Buffet & Alacarte – Restaurant buffet quality
If you are a fan of buffet parties or you have never tried this dish due to the high price, you do not need to worry about that when coming to SOHO restaurant. Having a quite reasonable price but thefood here is not inferior to that of other restaurants. Delicious dishes of different regions and other delicious dishes from other countries that can be mentioned such as sushi, pasta, … but the dishes all keep their own flavor

Faifo Grill Buffet & Restaurant – A delicious barbecue buffet restaurant
You are too passionate for grilled dishes but are afraid of the high price when ordering one by one or eating less will make you unsatisfied, then you can visit Faifo Grilll. If you want to any barbecue dish, then just order the item and wait for staff to put them into the oven Not only can you enjoy the barbecue but you can also enjoy many other delicious dishes

Da Nang Vietnamese restaurant
Faifo Grill Buffet & Restaurant – one of the most favourite Da Nang Vietnamese restaurant

Tokyo Grill – A delicious barbecue restaurant
You have great passion for barbecue and want to enjoy the delicious grilled dishes in Da nang, then Tokyo City Grill is a place you should not miss. Delicious grilled dishes are prepared and carefully marinated, roasted to a rich aromatic roll with vegetables vinegar added to the sauce

Papa’s Chicken – Korean chicken restaurant delicious new

If you like fried chicken and other delicious dishes from chicken with Korean flavor, Papa’s Chicken is the place for you. The delicious chicken with various flavors such as honey chicken, spicy chicken sauce, chicken cheese, … are tasted very sweet and just mouth, eat with kimchi and sweet and sour salad which is just delicious not bored anymore.

da nang vietnamese restaurant
Papa’s Chicken

Red House rice pot 2

If you want to enjoy the delicacies like ones cooked by your mom but has its own difference, rice pot is the dish you should try . The rice is served in a casserole with a layer of cooked rice . Eating with fried vegetables is not only delicious but also rustic

Dasushi BBQ & Beer – Japanese Barbecue Restaurant
The rolls of sushi are skillfully rolled , fresh sashimi pieces are eaten with spicy wasabi , not fishy but intersting. There are also delicious grilled dishes are marinated with spices and then grilled, which is tasty and naturaly sweet. If you are keen on these dishes, then visit Dasusshi & Beer to enjoy

Da nang vietnamese restaurant
Dasushi BBQ & Beer

Doi Nghia – Good goat restaurant quality
Referring to the goats can not fail to think of Nghia goats. With many branches in the city, it is not difficult for you to enjoy a good quality goat meat at home. They are grilled goat , steamed goat , but you should not miss grilled breast goat, just add the tofu cheese to have a perfect goat dish.

Nghe An Restaurant – Nghe An Cuisine
Vietnamese food, especially Nghe An dishes, are rich and unique and are reunited at the Nghe Nghe Restaurant with their original taste. Eel soup, pickled boiled melon, … are carefully processed and tasted very well to eat, besides that dish is simply decorated to rust rustic characteristics

BBQ un in – The unique barbecue restaurant
You want to enjoy the delicious barbecue but with the western style, so BBQ un in is the right place for you. Especially when you come here you should try the smoked pork ribs, ribs to the whole array to grill the aromatic, eat together with sausages and dumplings , which is very strange but delicious.

Com nieu ba ca bong – Vietnamese delicacies
Com nieu is easy to eat and it has rustic feature, like being back to an old dreaming countryside . Com nieu always keeps the heat and it is delicious than the rice cooked from the electric cooker, eat together with the thickened ware to honoring the sweetness and smell of rice, the salty taste of the dish is very mouthful

S.E.N – Vietnamese restaurant
S.E.N restaurant is a Da nang Vietnamese restaurant that can not be ignored when you eat cooked rice or when you are bored with eating at home but still want to be full with an affordable price . Every dish is delicious and rich in flavor, which are grilled chicken, fried rice or grilled oyster onions, … Besides the restaurant space is quite luxurious so that meeting or gathering anything is all fine.

Hopefully, with the list of Da nang Vietnamese restaurant above, visitors will choose yourself a suitable place to enjoy delicious food in Da nang.