Danang indian restaurant list in Viet Nam visitors should come

Top Famous Danang Indian Restaurant in Viet Nam.

Da Nang attracts tourists not only by the beautiful scenery but also by the people here, the atmosphere here and especially the delicious food. Not only does Da nang have famous dishes of the Central but also ones from other countries in the world. a Today, we will explore the most well-known Danang Indian restaurant that visitors should not miss!

danang indian restaurant
There are a lot of Danang indian restaurant to choose from

1. Mumtaz Restaurant.
Mumtaz is imbued with Indian style from the decoration to the taste of the food, and even the music and even the Indian service style
Designed in Indian style with natural tones, all furniture and utensils are made of wood, Mumtaz will immerse you into the cuisine of India.

The menu is rich and varied with dishes such as curry, barbecue, chicken and lamb. And the extremely famous dish of the restaurant is curry. Curries with an unique flacor will satisfy all customers when coming here. In addition, Mumtaz also serves vegetarian food for you, so do not worry if you are a vegetarian.
Mumtaz also serves tea after meal, so you do not miss Mumtaz in the Danang Indian restaurant list!.

danang indian restaurant
Mumtaz restaurant attracts many customers each year

Address: 231 Tran Phu, Hai Chau Dist., Da Nang City.
2. Indian Family
As the name implies, Family Restaurant serves unique and delicious Indian dishes. The chef of this restaurant was a famous chef with Indian dishes in Da Nang. Come to Family you will enjoy a completely unique space and new cuisine with Western style. The food here is a perfect combination of Indian culture with Vietnamese culture. The chef has added the soul into the dish, creating delicious food, you will not forget its taste . This is an address of many domestic and international customers.

Address: K231 / 39 Nguyen Cong Tru street, Phuoc My ward, Son Tra district, Da Nang city.
3. Indian Maharaja
Loved by many dinners, Maharaja has an extremely beautiful and lovely owner. If you have a chance, visit this place to enjoy Indian delicacies with a very comfortable and friendly space, bring a cozy feeling like at home.

The food here, brings warm family flavor, with Indian rice, curry, lamb, .. bring delicious attractive taste. Just stepping into the restaurant means you will immediately smell the taste of food, the taste of curry spatially around the space.
Restaurant service staffs are enthusiastic, considerate and affordable,
Address: No. 4, Duong Dinh Nghe, Son Tra district, Da Nang city.
4. Tandoori Nights
The restaurant is famous for its rich and varied Indian food menu. The place is full of all dishes of Indian cuisine. With a special space, attractive dishes. When arriving in here, the guests will enjoy a delicious meal. That will defenitely satisfies the most demanding guests. Do not miss this Danang Indian restaurant when you come to Da Nang

Tandoori Nights


Address: 12 An Thuong 5, Phu My ward, Son Tra district, Da Nang city.
5 Namaste OMAR’S Indian Restaurant
Sharing of a diner when he stopped at the restaurant :
“Once when he was traveling alone and came across ths place, he was given advice on some cheap Indian food by the manager. The first impression is that the house is very quiet with so beautiful space. Thanks to manager and restaurant that I have a very comfortable dinner … ”

The food was very good and cheap, the staff was extremely friendly, enthusiastic, very good food advice. Restaurant with cozy space, reasonable price.

danang indian restaurant
Namaste OMAR’S Indian Restaurant is an ideal place who wants to find a Danang indian restaurant

Address: No.6 Thai Phien street, Phuoc Ninh ward, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city.

Top Travels has introduced to you the most famous Indian restaurant in Da Nang. If you have been traveling to Da Nang and want to enjoy Indian cuisine, please refer to the restaurant and choose a restaurant that suits you. Make sure you are not disappointed with the food at this restaurant.
Top Travels wish you have a fun trip with delicious meals !!!!!