Top 11 Halong Bay Facts make you love to visit this place

Halong Bay has made a lot of great international travel since it was awarded the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. And even after 10 years from now, the bay is still It is a wonderful place that anyone in the world, if they intend to go to sea, will be considered. With all the fame, if you are a passionate fan of tourism, always longing to be immersed in the wonderful area, you need to know 11 interesting facts about Halong Bay – Natural Wonder This new world.

  1. There are nearly 2,000 high and dangerous rock islands located on Halong Bay. It consists of two types; Limestone & Slabs.
  1. One of the Halong Bay facts is that in Halong Bay, less than half of these islands have been named. And most of the names are based on the shape of the islands.
Halong bay facts
Roaster and Hen
  1. Halong Bay translates as “Bay where the dragon landed”. According to legend, the islands are made up of jewels and jade falling from the dragon’s mouth, which are sent down by the deities to the world. This fact is one of the interesting facts about Halong Bay.
  1. One of the next interesting  Halong Bay facts is that Halong Bay is a World Heritage Site which was recognized twice by UNESCO in 1994 and in 2000, and it is also included in the list of seven new natural wonders in 2011. And you know, not any natural wonders in the world are also honored to be on the list 3 times
  1. Halong Bay is home to a total of about 1,000 species of plants, fish, coral, mammals, reptiles, and birds. At this place, you can admire most of the diverse ecosystem with many species of plants and animals on land and under water and not in the Gulf of the world also you the wonderful experience.
Halong bay facts
About 1,000 species of plants, fish, coral, mammals, reptiles, and birds at Halong bay
  1. Another Halong bay facts is that most of the islands in Halong Bay are uninhabitable due to its steep terrain and elevation.
  1. One of the most interesting Halong Bay facts is that it is believed that some limestone formations in Halong Bay are more than 20 million years old.
  1. It took more than 500 million years for the islands of Halong Bay to be formed on the seafloor and rise above the surface. So, come to Halong Bay, you not only admire the cave, the island has a unique shape is graceful on the water, but also the opportunity to see the results of millions of years of history. How many geological changes … and the result is creating the tectonic, unique and unique between the sea green.
Halong bay facts
Sung Sot Cave – The beauty from nature
  1. Halong Bay has about 20 limestone caves that have been discovered, but only a few are open to visitors.
  1. Images of Halong Bay were used as the background for the video game “Street Fighter IV”.
Halong bay facts
Street Fighter IV backgroud is based on Halong bay
  1. Biodiversity values.

Biodiversity is an advantage, an attractive feature of Halong Bay with typical ecosystems of tropical waters, diverse species composition, rare and endemic gene sources. Of the 2,949 protected plant and animal species, 102 rare and valuable species of global or regional value have been identified, of which 13 are endemic species and many endemic species are endemic. Only here.