Hanoi Coffee Street – Welcome to taste a sense of Hanoi

The popular Hanoi coffee street

With cafes and restaurants always crowded, streets like Nguyen Du, Trieu Viet Vuong is the ideal Hanoi coffee street.

It can be said that Hanoi coffee is a unique culture that is not everywhere. In this city, finding a coffee shop is not too difficult. You can go to the old coffee shop is the time is Nhi, Nang … or sit back to the beach is not understandable on the sidewalk. However, if you just want to sip coffee, and want to learn about this special culture of Hanoi, some Hanoi coffee streets below you should not ignore.

1, Nguyen Du Hanoi Coffee Street

The first Hanoi coffee street that many people think of is Nguyen Du. This road is located beside peaceful Thien Quang lake with milk flowers that have entered the art. Not only that, this place is also street coffee is popular sidewalk.


Hanoi Coffee Street
Drinking coffee in Nguyen Du, guests also inhaled the sweet milk honeysuckle and drop into the open space of Thien Quang lake in front.

A cup of coffee here is 15,000 VN