Hanoi Coffee Street – Welcome to taste a sense of Hanoi

The popular Hanoi coffee street

With cafes and restaurants always crowded, streets like Nguyen Du, Trieu Viet Vuong is the ideal Hanoi coffee street.

It can be said that Hanoi coffee is a unique culture that is not everywhere. In this city, finding a coffee shop is not too difficult. You can go to the old coffee shop is the time is Nhi, Nang … or sit back to the beach is not understandable on the sidewalk. However, if you just want to sip coffee, and want to learn about this special culture of Hanoi, some Hanoi coffee streets below you should not ignore.

1, Nguyen Du Hanoi Coffee Street

The first Hanoi coffee street that many people think of is Nguyen Du. This road is located beside peaceful Thien Quang lake with milk flowers that have entered the art. Not only that, this place is also street coffee is popular sidewalk.


Hanoi Coffee Street
Drinking coffee in Nguyen Du, guests also inhaled the sweet milk honeysuckle and drop into the open space of Thien Quang lake in front.

A cup of coffee here is 15,000 VND.

Nguyen Du – a Hanoi coffee street is not really delicious but still crowded people because of the low cost and its separate space. It is not the place where the house is decorated fancy, nor the furniture or soft furniture modern. The café is simply a pavement with ” furniture ” is the only plastic chairs. Which is better to buy a pretty cloud chair. However, they are all placed on the wide sidewalk toward the open airy lake and the green trees.

Visitors to the city are mostly young people but it is not difficult to find middle-aged or ” backpackers ” tall. All have the common hobby of sipping coffee in the open air and not tied by four walls. It may be a bit noisy by the laughter of guests next door, may be a bit dusty by the car line but no one bothered. It seems to come here, all comfortably accept this.

This Hanoi coffee street is simple but easy to impress. Just find an empty chair where each cup of coffee brings each person to different emotions. It is the habit, typical style of Hanoi drink, is the reflection of life before passing or the breath of breath of honey milk collection. The coffee pavement in this place is more often mentioned here. Every time when far away from Hanoi remember the crowded place with friends and the cups of spoon to make a leng keng fun.

2, Trieu Viet Vuong Coffee Street

Among the Hanoi coffee street, Trieu Viet Vuong is a name that represents a diversity and charm. With a length of about 700 m, this street is a gathering place of stylish cafes. Pavements are Single, Aha, Indoors, The Light, Traditional Coffee with Nano, Thai, Coffee Technology with Blackberry and Iphone.

Hanoi Coffee Street
Apart from coffee, the shops here also sell more vitamins and juices.

It can be said that this Hanoi coffee street is nothing special, but just walk here, visit any restaurant and call a cup of brown ice coffee, guests will feel the difference. It is not just coffee taste, drink coffee on this street, you drop into the narrow space but cool by the large trees around. Moreover, this city also focuses on Japanese restaurants. Drink coffee, but sometimes listen to the conversation and full of cute from the girls in the dress of the sunrise.

Coffee drinkers in Trieu Viet Vuong are mostly office workers. Perhaps because the street is located between the buildings, the buildings of the company and the commercial center vibrancy next door. So the most crowded time is the lunch break and the break time.

3, Ly Thuong Kiet Street

Named the famous hero, Ly Thuong Kiet street is the western quarter with the villas, the hotel was built in the style of European. However, this place is also known as the attractive Hanoi coffee street, or a paradise of coffee.

Unlike Nguyen Du Street or Trieu Viet Vuong with sidewalk cafes. Ly Thuong Kiet street coffee focuses on all kinds, which includes from the luxurious, beautifully designed to the popular, dusty style on the sidewalk. Not only that, these shops are intermingled throughout the 1,763 meters of the street.


Hanoi Coffee Street
Coffee in Ly Thuong Kiet is slightly higher than the average.

A similar point as Trieu Viet Vuong Street is that the coffee guests here are mainly office workers because the street is located in the center, where there are many companies and hotels. There are, of course, young people, senior visitors, but not many. So the story revolves around the cup of coffee mainly about work. Only when the weekend, when really relaxed, people tell each other stories of life, friends stories or what to eat.

Drinking coffee in Ly Thuong Kiet, guests do not have the beautiful  ” view ” but it is integrated into the dynamic and modern life of the capital. Each stream of people glided hastily and slowly as the red light started to count down, some people brushed their shoes patiently asking the coffee drinkers. All mixed together, forming the emotional supply. So even though the prices here are a bit higher than average, everyone is happy and will be together again next time.

4, Hang Hanh Street

Also coffee city, also concentrated many shops are close but Hang Nha coffee less prominent than the other streets. Although this place always busy guests and even owned the famous name in the Hanoi coffee was Nhan.

Hanoi Coffee Street
Hang Hanh is famous for Nhan coffee.

Just walk down this short street one afternoon, wondering as if it was removed. Hang Hanh is now very strange with the house painted, refurbished. The coffee of the famous named Nhan is not completely as close as its favour in the past. So that, although many new cafes are open to the side, this place is still more or less influenced by the name Nhan.

Coffee here is quite diverse, there are young people, office workers or his favorite read newspapers morning. However, the majority of visitors come not because of good coffee but they just want to find a familiar space, a place that can mix into the breathing of the old town. No matter whether morning or afternoon, guests still go to many and Hang Hanh is still loved by the soul of old town in the heart of the capital.