Top 5 Best Hanoi Homestay Old Quarter

Top 5 best Hanoi homestays in Old Quarter

Not having to travel to far, you still have relaxing moments with friends, relatives in top 5 Hanoi homestay Old Quarter area, Hanoi.

1. Hanoi 3B Homestay in Hanoi

Address: Hang Than, Nguyen Trung Truc street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

This homestay is located in the Old Quarter, so you can enjoy a leisurely stroll, fully enjoy the city’s most vibrant nightlife. In addition, the homestay is spacious and comfortable, the room owns quite large area will be ideal for family or large groups.

Hanoi Homestay Old Quarter - Hanoi 3B Homestay
Hanoi 3B Homestay

Price: 736.000 VND/night

2. Lacaito Hanoi Homestay Old Quarter

Address: No 2, Da Tuong Street, Da Tuong Street, Hanoi

The space is close, rustic but no less modern in Lacaito.

Hanoi Homestay Old Quarter - Lacaito Homestay
Lacaito Homestay

Lacaito is a small apartment located in the French villa in Da Tuong Street, a house designed and decorated by a group of young people. There is only one bedroom, kitchen and balcony, but this place is full of amenities that make any guest feel at home. Despite being more modern in style, Lacaito’s space still feels very close, rustic due to the use of furniture made of wood, bamboo and rattan. Brick tiles with eye-catching texture will also remind you of the ancient French villas in ancient Hanoi.

3. Mộng Hanoi Homestay Old Quarter (Hanoi’s Dream)

Address: No. 4, Alley 9, Lane 435 Hong Ha, Hoan Kiem District

Located in a quiet and quiet alley in the heart of Hanoi capital, but the location of the Mộng Hanoi is close to the famous places: Ta Hien, Ho Guom, Long Bien Bridge

Hanoi Homestay Old Quarter - Mộng Hanoi
Mộng Hanoi

Guests will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the lovely, cute “host” such as Birthday, Cappuchino and Blu.

Hanoi Homestay Old Quarter - Blu - Mộng Hanoi
Blu – Mộng Hanoi
Hanoi Homestay Old Quarter - Blu - Mộng Hanoi
Capu & Birthday

Includes 1 living room, 1 kitchenette, 3 private design rooms and a terrace garden plantation. Mộng Hanoi is an ideal place for short-term stays or those who want to find some peace in the weekend.

The rent per day here is around 600,000 for a double room.

4. Le Bleu Art Décor loft Nha Trong Xom Homestay

Address: Tran Hung Dao Street

Homestay in the old quarter with a small courtyard always covered with green color from plants

House in the neighborhood is the homestay on the third floor of the French villa between Tran Hung Dao Street. This place is visited by both domestic and foreign tourists when visiting Hanoi. The bedroom of the house makes many people enjoy the advantage of the attic loft – space that most Vietnamese often spend in the house.

Hanoi Homestay Old Quarter - Nha Trong Xom Homestay
Nha Trong Xom Homestay

The neighboring house offers a cozy setting with an old fireplace and rustic brown sofas. Homestay features a small, fully equipped kitchenette with accents of blue tones. The most distinctive “guest house” favorite homestay is the garden at the door of the kitchen with simple brick floor is shady green plants. In the middle of the ancient world is crowded crowded, is “hiding” in a space like this certainly no more excellent.

The rent per day here ranges from about 1,000,000 for 2 people, the house can accommodate up to 4 people.

5. Le Bleu Indie – Hanoi Vintage Homestay

Address: 23 Tong Dan

Le Bleu Indie has 2 self contained rooms with full facilities for “guest”.

More spacious than the neighboring house, Le Bleu India has 2 bedrooms closed. Every room is also welcome natural light thanks to the large window. The simple arrangement with wooden chairs, bamboo tables, or brocade motifs make the “guest” impression right from the entrance. The layout of the space and the use of old items here makes you feel like you are lost in a peaceful countryside.

Hanoi Homestay Old Quarter - Le Bleu Indie
Le Bleu Indie

At Le Bleu Indie you can have a few new friends from another country, can cook together, sip tea and chat about everything. Le Bleu India is very convenient for visitors to visit Hanoi Old Quarter. You can walk to Sword Lake to catch new rays of sunshine in the day, or wander around for a cup of coffee from Dinh coffee shop not far away.

Le Bleu Indie has rental rates in the range of 900,000 per day for 2 people.

Hope with the Hanoi Homestay Old Quarter that we have recommended above will help you have a happy and peaceful weekend.