Hanoi Itinerary 2 days

Hanoi Itinerary 2 days

Hanoi Itinerary 2 days for those who have travelled to Hanoi in the first time.

Hanoi is a city full of cool streets, hundreds of narrow alleys beside historical temples and French ancient streets. The modern life speed mingling with the ancient charm is an alluring but mysterious feature of the city with one thousand year of civilization and culture.


Day 1 – Hanoi Itinerary 2 days

9 am: When landing at Noi Bai International airport, tourists have to wait for about an hour for check out and another hour on taxi. Nowadays, the city has built the high speed directly from the airport to the inner city so you can save the travelling time.

11 am: If you have more budget, you can make a reservation at Sofitel Legend Metropole, the top luxury hotel in Hanoi. You can experience charming and hospitable behaviors of the staff and the luxurious beauty of a Western architecture.

Bicycles full of colorful flowers, a symbol of Hanoi

Bicycles full of colorful flowers, a symbol of Hanoi

Midday: To begin Hanoi Itinerary 2 days, you can leave your hotel and head to Trang Tien Street, considered the key artery of French Old Quarter. Located in the east of Hanoi Opera House and the west of Hoan Kiem Lake, Trang Tien possesses high buildings with Paris style, book shops, exhibitions and café. Especially, Trang Tien ice cream allures lots of tourists.

Ngoc Son Temple built in the center of Hoan Kiem Lake is a famous tourist attraction for visitors to travel and take photos. The Huc scarlet bridge connecting Hoan Kiem Lake and Turtle Temple is a special highlight of the city.

The Huc scarlet bridge boasts its beautiful charm at night

The Huc scarlet bridge boasts its beautiful charm at night

2 pm: The second destination where tourists take photos most is St.Joseph Cathedral located on 40, Nha Chung Street, Hoan Kiem.

In front of Hanoi Opera House are crowded café shops, tea vendors as well as lots of stores and bars for you freely to choose. Let’s walk around the cathedral and find a store selling pho to enjoy Vietnamese flavor.

If you visit Hanoi without enjoying pho, it seems that you miss something very important. The highlights of pho are pure broth, adequate rice noodles, little onion and lemon to create a bowl of pho that “eats one, never forget”.

3 pm: Continue our Hanoi Itinerary 2 days to Hoa Lo prison, one of 5 top grim destinations in East South Asia is a can’t-miss place of interest that tourists should visit.

Built in 1886, it is the place that French colonists capture political prisoners and patriotic politicians fighting against the current government. This prison is also a place capturing American prisoners in Vietnamese wars, including American senator John McCain when his plane was shot in the historical wars “the Dien Bien Phu battle in the air” in 1972.

Hoa Lo prison, the hell of thousands of torturing methods on land

Hoa Lo prison, the hell of thousands of torturing methods on land

4 pm: After taking a rest, tourists can visit the heart of the city- Old Quarter recognized as UNSECO heritage. This is considered a maze since 13th century, selling a lot of goods such as medicinal herbs, flowers, jewelries, silk and bamboo.

Nowadays, there are a lot of things which are disordered with many hairdressers, massages, exhibitions and hotels with a reasonable price to travel and exchange currency.

7 pm: Hanoi Old Quarter becomes more crowded and festive in the late evening when a lot of vendors along the streets selling night food display tables. You can visit City View Café located on 1, Dinh Tien Hoang to have the whole view of the city filled with bright lights or walk to any street to enjoy a cup of fresh beer and various street food.

Day 2 – Hanoi Itinerary 2 days

8 am: You can skip the lavish breakfast in your hotel. Instead, go out and find a bread and stop by a street shop to sip a cup of coffee and milk, observing the crowded streets.

9 am: You come head to the south of Trang Tien, reaching to Vietnam Art Museum located on 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc, the place memorizing folk works with topics of communism, patriotism and fight of Vietnamese.

Midday: Crossing by Lenin Park, you can reach Vietnam Military History Museum situated on 28A, Dien Bien Phu. Beside the yard of the museum locates tanks last participating on essential battles of the Vietnamese people such as B-52 bomb and Russian jet-planes. Inside, there are three corners modelling after the battle lively in the period of more than 1000 years old fighting against the invaders such as Chinese, French and American.


B55 plane in the battle against invaders


2 pm: Walking to the East about 10 minutes, Ba Dinh Square is one of the largest green spaces in Hanoi. In 1945, President Ho Chi Minh proclaimed declaration of Independence building Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

In 1969, after his death, Vietnamese people built Ba Dinh monument to keep Uncle Ho’s body. Visiting Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and observing the image of Uncle Ho, you can’t stand your feelings of being touched.

Afterwards, coming to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, you can catch the sight of red old bicycle which Uncle Ho used to ride in his distance of 1782 kilometers from Hanoi to Saigon at the age of 60.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the final resting place of Uncle Ho

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the final resting place of Uncle Ho

5 pm: From Ba Dinh Square, after 20 minutes by walking, you can visit West Lake, the largest lake in Hanoi. Around 2 sides of the lake are gardens, restaurants, amusement parks sine Russian and luxury villas in the Tay Ho peninsula.

Tran Quoc Temple, the oldest temple in Vietnam was constructed in the sixth century in the east of West Lake. The south is 800- year-old Quan Thanh temple, placing Buddhist statue weighting 4 tons. It is considered to be one of the master pieces of brass foundry.

Tran Quoc Temple, a symbol of Hanoi architecture

Tran Quoc Temple, a symbol of Hanoi architecture

7 pm: You can enjoy the famous dish in Hanoi called cha ca (fried fish). Although the recipe has only one dish, the flavor of fried fish accompanied by rice noodles, herbs and shrimp paste will definitely satisfy all of you.

After two days for traveling, you can purchase some souvenirs bringing the special flavor of Ha Thanh as gifts like salted dry apricot in Duong Street, lotus tea in Tay Ho or com with lotus leaves if you are lucky to visit Hanoi in the autumn.

Above is the full Hanoi Itinerary 2 days, we hope it might help you design your own itinerary.