Hanoi late night food – 6 culinary addresses ‘never sleep’ in Hanoi

Eating at late night is considered the pleasure of many capital residents and visitors to Hanoi. However, not everyone knows the place to eat good Hanoi late night food.

Tong Duy Tan chicken rice

Speaking of the Hanoi late night food, people will think of the street food Tong Duy Tan with the restaurant open all night, always busy customers. This street is very short, but if you are a food enthusiast, no one knows about this place.

The most famous Hanoi late night food is rice fried chicken roasted with prices ranging from 80,000 to 120,000 VND a capacity. Other dishes such as chicken, chicken, chicken porridge, chicken porridge are also available throughout the night for diners.

Hanoi late night food
Fried rice with roasted chicken dish is the most attractive dishes.

Tong Duy Tan street is also famous for two open 24/7 coffee shops, adjacent to each other just in the middle of the Cam Cong junction. Only Tong Duy Tan, Puku and Xofa. Both of these have wide space, garden, full western, ta and are very gu, are young and many foreign tourists special love.

Snail Noodle Hang Khoai

Snail noodle at Hang Khoai street selling 24/24 is a favorite address for those who want to explore Hanoi late night.

Hanoi late night food
A full bowl of snail noodle price is slightly higher than the average noodle price.

This noodle soup is mixed with snails, pork, beef and duck eggs. According to some gourmets, the snails here are also fresh, full of vegetables, mushrooms. The water is quite spicy, but succulent, sour, spicy fit bowl noodles very mouth, less tasting. However, for those who cannot eat spicy, this is a minus point.

The price of a bowl is 50,000-60,000, but slightly higher than the old town and the quality of the food is considered worthy.

Fish noodles at Hang Dau

In the past, Hong Phuc Lane near Hang Dau Boat had only a row of fish noodles always busy guests from morning to late night. Nowadays, there are several open bars, which are available 24 hours a day, making the small street become a popular nightlife in Hanoi.

Hanoi late night food
Fish noodle with attractive colors attract many customers to eat late at night.

Fish bowl noodles here quite full, fish meat much, golden fried, fish balls and juices soft, delicious. A bowl of rice noodles from 30,000, serving quite quickly.

Loc sticky rice Ta Quang Buu

Over the past 18 years, Loc sticky rice’s shop is a popular night-time eating place in the area of ​​Bach Khoa, selling from 6 pm to the morning. If you arrive at 11-12 hours late, you will have to queue up for the turn.

The sticky rice is traditional white rice, fried with meat, eggs, sausage, chicken fried with mushrooms with a price of 15,000 a capacity. Diners often call the full price of 35,000, there are chopped yams and pickled vegetables to help eat

Hanoi late night food
If arriving late, diners should wait in line to enjoy the sticky rice in Ta Quang Buu street as a wonderful Hanoi late night food.

The most popular and favorite dish is the fried sticky rice. Pork half fat, half marinated, guests only smell and hear the hustle and bustle want to eat. Where are the chips sold? That is the point of attracting guests and also the reason behind the glass cabinets of the restaurant is always burning fire to fry meat.

Hot pot Phung Hung

Named “the street of hot pot dishes”, Phung Hung Street is close to dozens of restaurants with a menu of assorted extremely hot and varied hot pot: duck braised with Hanoi flavor, Hong Kong hot pot, … Price of a hot pot from 300,000 VND can eat 3 to 4 people.

Hanoi late night food
Phung Hung is known as the paradise of hot pot dishes.

In the evenings, especially on weekends and cold days, the hot pots here are busy with guests. Customers come here with many ages but mostly young people.

BBQ at Gam Cau

f you are unfamiliar with the old town, you will probably be surprised to know where “Gam Cau Street” is. This street is only about 400 meters long, running along the foot of Long Bien bridge, where the arch of the bridge under the bridge so long formed the name. In the day, here are the shoe stores. sandals. When light up, along the street are the barbecue flavorful shops.

Hanoi late night food
The evening passes through Gam Cau Street, the smell of grilled goods has radiated noses.

Here are many kinds of materials such as: heart, stomach, colon, neck, baked … or baked food on the charcoal stove charcoal pink. However, the factor that makes this place attracts visitors is thanks to a little variation in the sauce served with sweet and sour sauce quite new.

The bars in Gam Cau Street as late as winter, especially when the weather is cold. The price here is quite cheap, only about 80-100 thousand for a person to eat. It must be a good Hanoi late night food for you and your friends.