Top 10 Hanoi traditional food dishes that you can’t ignore to taste!

Top 10 Hanoi traditional food dishes

Hanoi Old Quarter with Hang Ngang, Dao, Tang, Coal … is a heaven of eating can not be ignored.

You can come here and discover the Hanoi traditional food prepared like fish rolls, dumplings , bun thang …

1. Pho

Pho is one Hanoi traditional food. Writer Thanh Lam once shared: “Pho is a special gift of Hanoi, not only Hanoi has, but it is because only in Hanoi delicious.” Pho Hanoi is famous for its sweet soup, ripe meat and soft noodles.

Hanoi traditional food
Pho – A traditional food of Hanoi

Some delicious pho restaurants in the old town you should visit: Pho Cuong – Hang Muoi, Pho ganh – pavement Hang Trong street …

2. Bun cha

Hanoi traditional food
Visiting Hanoi, you can not ignore bun cha – another special Hanoi traditional food

If the pho is a Hanoi traditional food, bun cha is another one and known as the “gift” of the Hanoi. Grilled meat pieces cooked golden yellow, delicious food with sweet and sour sauce is just delicious mouth to eat four.

Some noodle shops in the old town you should visit: Bun Hang Than.

3. Bun thang

Hanoi traditional food
Bun Thang – a Hanoi traditional food

Bun Thang – typical dish contains the essence of Ha Thanh cuisine, the sophisticated way, requires elaborate, meticulous chef. To cook a bowl of noodles, you need to nearly 20 kinds of materials such as chicken torn small, fried eggs, silk spinach, white rice noodles, smells, vegetables …

In particular, the broth should be clear, chicken and dried squid  (sweet soup); Add a drop of special oil to get a good favour. You can choose soup noodles or dried noodles.

Some Bun Thang in the old town you should visit: Bun thang bridge, Hang Hòm …

4. Cha Ca La Vong

Hanoi traditional food
Grilled fish La Vong is also listed in Hanoi traditional foods.

One of the dishes that tourists can not ignore when coming to Hanoi is La Vong fish fried. It is the perfect combination between the typical spices of Vietnam such as: turmeric, dill, shrimp sauce, fish sauce … All blends into a dish that is unique, extremely delicious and attractive.

When you come to Hanoi, you can go to La Vong Grilled Fish located in Cha Ca street.

5. Banh cuon Thanh Tri

Hanoi traditional food
Banh cuon Thanh Tri – aromatic rice countryside.

Thanh Tri is made of rice and thin as paper is a specialty of Thanh Tri Ward, famous throughout the country.

You can enjoy thin banh cuon, transparent and aromatic rice countryside in To Hien Thanh Street with fish sauce mixed with a few more cinnamon rolls, non-gold onion.

6. Fried Ruoi.

Hanoi traditional food
Fried Ruoi are not always available and should be considered as “rare” Hanoi traditional food in the specialty group.

It is cooked with Ruoi, fish sauce and egges and is one of the famous Hanoi traditional food. This is classified as a special group of “rare” of Hanoi.

You can look for fried Ruoi in O Quan Chuong, Hang Beo Restaurant – Lo Duc and Gia Ngu Street.

7. Banh Ran

Hanoi traditional food
Banh Ran in the streets.

The golden cakes are covered with a layer of roasted sesame roasted and just a little shake is heard the “rolling” of the small green bean inside. You can hardly find a fried donut in Hanoi.

If you want to enjoy it, you can go to Ly Nam De or Le Dai Hanh streets.

8. Snail Noodle

Hanoi traditional food
Not everyone can make snail noodles

Snail noodle Hanoi is available all year round but it is best in summer. Although the food is rustic but not everyone can cook this dish by the preliminary processing and preparation needs meticulous. Eat cold noodles you will feel the sweet, slightly sour and slightly aromatic of ginger, spicy hot pepper.

If you want to eat noodles and delicious Hanoi standard, you can go to O Quan Chuong Street or No. 3 Phu Dong Thien Vuong.

9. Deep-fried Nhai (Frog)

Hanoi traditional food
Yellow clam chewing is one of the best Hanoi traditional food.

Hanoians are especially gourmet with typical cuisine, not mixed in place like clam. The mince chopped meat and bone, pureed, then mixed with spices, lemongrass pepper, lemon leaves … fried in a pan of boiling oil. The ripe spring rolls, golden incubation, aromatic is also one of the “drink wine” number one.

10. Com of Vong Village

Hanoi traditional food
The Vong Village’s Com is a specialty of autumn.

Everywhere Autumn season, the Hanoians are looking forward to this cereal of Vong village. It is made from the glutinous rice that has gone through the winter, is nine milk, convergence full of nutrients and aromas .

Com is a specialty dish not only of folk that used to go to the king and every year also only on the occasion of harvest.

Arrive in Hanoi in the autumn, you cannot ignore the village and Roundabout related items such as rice noodle Co, Than Liet fried rice, Phat Loc com, sticky rice noodle market.