Hue food list every tourist should try once when coming to Hue

Hue ancient capital has become a cultural capital that when we come here, we are free to explore from culture, architecture, history to scenery, art … and of course Hue food. If you are planning a visit to the capital, what do you think you will eat in Hue? Let’s discover more about Hue food

1. Nam Pho soup
This is a long-standing dish in Hue and is named after the land that created it: Nam Pho village (Phu Vang district). Nam Pho soup is considered one of most delicious Hue food you definitely have to try when you come here.

the white Banh canh bowl has the white color of rice powder spaghett and finest flour, processed to a certain ratio, red shrimp pink, green dots of green onions together with sticky soup, served with Cha and the fillings covering the surface of the bowl.

Hue delicious dishes – Nam Pho soup

Hue food

Nam Pho rice cakes are made from rice flour.

You can not enjoy this dish without fish sauce with chopped green pepper to enhance the taste. The eye-catching color of the broth, the clarity of the cake and the crab meat cut to separate pieces cooked with shrimp will make you attracted the first time.

The color and flavor of the dish will make you be appeal from the first time.
Reference address:
Quan Phuc Restaurant specializes in Nam Pho cakes – 16 Pham Hong Thai.
Nam Pho Rice Cake – 374 Chi Lang.
2. Cake
One of the delicacies of Hue food can not fail to mention is the sweet potato cake. Who ever once eats the crispy sweet potato cake, fragrant with dipping sauce will not forget the smell of peanuts, natural meat … All make the taste of cake “passionate people “, Especially in the cold and drizzle in early spring in Hue. Eat snacks can not lack of raw vegetables, some slices of banana and sliced thin slices.


Hue food
The cake is very good to eat in the cold and spring rain drizzly.

Reference address:
Lac Thien cake – 6 Dinh Tien Hoang.
Quan Ngu Uyen (Dien Bien Phu street).
Ba Hanh Restaurant – 11 Pho Duc Chinh.

3. Mixed Va
Perhaps for many people, “mixed Va” is the name that man people have never heard but it is a delicacy in Hue food, a specialty that you should try while traveling Hue. This is a special dish because only the fig in Hue to make this dish taste. The ingredients are figs, can be mixed with lean pork, boiled shrimp, pig skin … and taste depending on the preferences of each person.

hue food

Fruit with green peel, white meat and pink intestine.

When eating, add the herbs and sesame , green onion, cilantro, roasted and cleaned vegetables. Mixed Va with grilled rice paper and chili sauce soup you will “eat” without feeling bored at all! Va tron is a popular dish, you can easily find this dish in any restaurant in Hue, especially the popular “pub”.

4. Mussel rice
Delicious dishes in Hue that Traveloka want to introduce to you next is rice mussel. Mussel rice is a popular dish of the ancient capital, made from cooked white rice to cool and eat with mussels, grease, roasted peanuts, fish sauce and Hue sauce together with vegetables such as cucumber, sliced yarn

hue food

Mussel rice is the popular dish of the ancient land.

A bowl of mussel rice usually mixes the taste of white rice, the sweetness of the meat, the flavor of the beef with the fresh, sour, balanced sour vegetables.

Reference address:
Dumpling Stone – 1 Han Mac Tu, Vy Da. On Han Mac Tu is also a lot of delicious rice such as Hon Hai Restaurant, O Xie restaurant.
Nhan Nho in the intersection of Pham Hong Thai – Truong Dinh.
Restaurant at 2 Truong Dinh.
Quan Ho – Bun – Mussel – 98 Nguyen Hue.
5. Barbecue noodles
You may be familiar with barbecue noodles and you will not be too excited to try it. However, it is a delicacy in Hue food and although “extremely familiar”, but the barbecue used in this dish is usually barbecue meat made of thin three-pointed meat, marinated pepper, onions, fish sauce five flavorings, sesame; The smell and taste very special, extremely mouth “eat is addicted” right.


hue food
Barbecue noodles are made from a lot of raw materials.

After a few hours, add the marinated mushrooms to the top of the charcoal stove until it is ripe enough to get the aroma. A bowl of barbecue meat is considered good enough when it comes to the following ingredients: noodles, roasted pork, vegetables, pickles (papaya, pickled carrot) and fish soup or fish sauce is made from liver pig.

Grilled noodles with pork slices “layered” over the top of the attractive.
Reference address:
Vermicelli & Brown Rice Noodle – 81 Dao Duy Tu.
Vermicelli – opposite 35 Nguyen Truong To.
130 Tran Phu Street.
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6. Baked meat pie
Referring to the vermicelli noodles when referring to Hue cuisine can not be ignored wet bread barbecue. If you feel the barbecue is “hot mouth” then there is a wet “emergency” cake for you. How to prepare and enjoy this dish as well as barbecue noodles. Grilled meat is wrapped around by a wet cake, add a little price (stingy beans) and herbs doted with sweet and sour fish sauce, green pepper, garlic to create a very mild spicy mouth.

If you do not know what to eat in Hue, come and try to eat this famous barbecue wet dishes of the ancient capital nhé!
It has many similarities with the noodle rolls, but how to marinate as well as raw materials are rich in Hue culinary identity. When enjoying Hue specialties, you will feel a very special Hue.

Feeling a very personal Hue.
Reference address:
Fried Rice Bran Anh – 52/11 Kim Long.
7. Banh nam
What to eat next in Hue? Why not try buns – a delicious dish in Hue food , people can consider as snacks or eat with the main dish.

Biscuits can be a snack, as well as a main dish.
Banh dong must be wrapped with dong leaves to the right taste Hue cake. Floating on the white powder is a little chopped shrimp is processed deliciously, delicious. Enjoy the moon cake sure to have the “auxiliary” of the Hue sauce fish sauce, add a few slices of green pepper. You will feel immediately great taste and all the essence of Hue cuisine “to lose baby just a … cake (Nam)”.

All the culinary elite Hue “fall baby just a … cake (Nam)
Reference address:
Red lady curry – 71 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Phu Cat.
Quan Me Restaurant – 14 Vo Thi Sau, Phu Hoi.
8. Filter cake
Hue food is a collection of all kinds of cake, so next to the moon cake as introduced above, one of the delicacies in Hue you should try next is the filter cake. Finest cake is a popular dish, but at the same time is a famous Hue specialty of the land of Co Do.

What to eat in Hue? – Bread flour
Hue is a favorite with many Hue people. @ngua_tynn
The filter cake often has many kinds of beans: green beans, shrimp, flesh on the full moon tofu. Through the skillful hand of the baker, you can feel the very taste of these two kinds of Hue specialty – simple but unforgettable.

What to eat in Hue? – Banh nam
Simple but extremely delicious
Fines cake usually has two types: cake sprinkle onion and leaf wrapping cake; Both are used with Hue sauce, bring the taste is unforgettable.

Reference address:
Quan 109 professional Beo – Nam – Filter – 109 Le Huan.

9. Bun Bo Hue
The name Bun Bo Hue is no stranger to us all – it is even considered the most famous specialty of the capital. This delicious dish in Hue, if served in the “full version” will usually have a pork chops (usually “leeks” with soft skin layer around the meat fibers), three pork; topped with thin slices of thinly sliced beef.

What to eat in Hue? – Bun Bo Hue
Hue beef noodle soup is considered the most famous specialty of the capital.
Depending on personal preference, when you eat each person will reduce the type of ingredients for the palate. When you eat, add some raw vegetables, lemon chili sauce, you will certainly not get rid of “addicted” it, and the more you can not forget the Hue flavor of this specialty food.
Reference address:
Hue beef noodles – 14 Ly Thuong Kiet
Tuyet noodle – 37 Nguyen Cong Tru
Ms Tam – 43 Nguyen Cong Tru
My noodles – 71 Nguyen Cong Tru
10. Hue tea
Speaking of delicacies in Hue, surely Hue tea can not be missed, as it can be said that the tea is also a specialty of Hue and a highlight of the local cuisine. In Hue there are hundreds of types of tea, each with its own special flavor. There are high quality tea such as lotus seed tea, lotus seeded tea, pomegranate tea, rotten tea, yellow tea, cotton tea …

Hue tea is full of color.
Reference address:
An alley – 17 Hung Vuong.
Sao tea – 60 Phan Chu Trinh.
Besides the dishes mentioned above, Hue also has a long list of dishes “eat is a lover”, or specialty foods you can both enjoy and buy as gifts:

Minh Mang wine: made by medicine for the king, has many benefits in terms of health. This is a specialty that many people love to come to Hue.
Hue : fish sauce : rustic dishes bearing with taste of countryside will be very special gifts, with a variety of types and tastes for you to choose.
Sesame: made from malt mixed with sesame oil and sesame to create a sweet, delicious taste.
Nem, chả, tré Huế: you can buy these dishes as gifts for relatives, friends; with sour taste, slightly sweet and fragrant. The sour taste is naturally fermented, mixed with the sweetness of lean meat, the fatty aroma of fat and the pungent taste of purple garlic.

Hue tea at night.
Hopefully the list of interesting Hue food dishes has answered some questions: “What to eat in Hue?”. And there are many other delicious dishes of Hue food are waiting for you to discover. Do not forget to share with Travelok