Hue food tour – 10 Hue street food you should try when visiting Hue

Having passion for snacks is an endless joy with young people and especially street food seems to become an integral part of the delicacies of street food style. The following Hue food tour with 10 items will ensure that you will not turn your eyes when you accidentally look on the road!

Discovering Hue food tour with the 10 most favorite dishes.

1. Keo chi
This is a dish with many different names such as candy, coconut candy, … but despite the known names, this is also the food associated with the childhood of most generation 8X, 9X. With the sweetness of sugar candy, the fatty taste of coconut, crispiness of rice paper with added flavor of milk and sesame will make you can not refuse when seeing

hue food tour
Keo chi – a famous dish in Hue food tour list

2. Coconut milk cream
Today, with a myriad of topical creams, high-end ice cream, coconut milk cream is still loved by young people and hunted aggressively. With a good price from 2k to 3k you have a delicious cool ice cream with chocolate and peanuts will make you love to eat a few ones at once

hue food tour
coconut ice cream is a must – try dish in Hue

3. Kimbap pavement
Do not think if you want to eat Korean kimbap, you must go to the restaurant ! Kimbap has now “gone to many places, to many hands”. The emergence of pavement kimbap pavers enrich the street food list you can not ignore. Although sold in the pavement, there are many types of kimbap to choose from with the price can not be more reasonable :only 1k to 3k so . Do you have enough courage to surf the kimpap without looking back?


4. baked potatoes, corn
At the beginning of the winter in Hue, the corn onion grease, sweet potato barbecue talls along the Le Loi street release a charming smell that makes anyone pass through the inhale. Look at each group of young people gathering around the street vendors and chatting, you will realize how much appealing these food is

5. Tofu
Talking about Hue food tour, and Hue street food in particular, tofu can not be missed. Tofu is carried by street vendor sellers to every corners, there is no fixed place so if you suddenly crave, you just can sit in the slippers waiting for familiar acclaim: “ai you want tofu? Then you must rush to run out to call with the “give a bowl of tofu”. Tofu mixed together with the aroma of sugar beat with ginger will make you ecstatic, melted in the sweet, fatty taste of this dish.

6. Banh tieu, banh goi (Vietnamese hollow donuts and pillow cake)
Vietnamese hollow donut, pillow cake are very familiar images on the street in Hue. The cake is molded and fried in the place where the aroma radiate passionately, how can be ignored when the afternoon hungry stomach drunk ? Cake brought out is always hot when eaten with spicy chili sauce spicy sweet sweet cravings just with a few thousand dongs.

7. Sweet potatoes shake
The first time to meet the sweet potato to shake the rain made the wind to create a fever of eating “hot teen” in Hue. Although not as hot anymore but sweet potato shake is still the favorite street food. Sweet potato is soaked with fried golden powder and then shaken with cheese or soya, salt salty, sweet sweet will catch you if you miss “wild” tasted tasted!

huw food tour
A sweet potato shake stall on the side on the street

8. Tea
Hue is the capital of tea, if you are from the far to Hue where you will definitely see the presence of this dish. Mostly on the sidewalk, with a thick list of items with dozens of different tea options, you can choose your favorite tea at a very “chestnut” price of only 5k – 10k.
This can be said that food in any weather is good, a cup of coll tea is the best solution to the hot weather, if it is winter call yourself a cup of hot tea to ensure that you will warm up immediately

Photo IG ri.foodie

9. Tenderness
In addition to the sweet taste on the ribs is also the salty foods that many people remember much. The ears, nose, beef tendon is chopped and then mixed with tendrils, peppers and special seasoning sauce rancid so seductive how can run through the ribs without stopping to buy a package bag, right?

10. Mango with floss
Being in the list of Hue food tour, mango with floss is really a worth – trying dish in Hue. Surely when you read the name of this dish will ensure you swallow saliva ,right? The green peeled, chopped mango dipping through the ice to crispy and then sprinkled a little bit of sugar to reduce the sour taste , when mixed with fish sauce, it must be said that the flavor is so delicious that you would never forget , especially girls

hue food tour
Green mango served with floss is so tasty