Seaplane Hanoi to Halong bay? Why don’t take a try?

Experience to visit Halong Bay from Hanoi by seaplane

Seaplane Hanoi to Halong bay
Enjoy Halong Bay by seaplane

Recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage, Halong Bay continues to welcome millions of visitors both domestically and internationally to explore the beauty of this place. There are many services to help visitors easily to visit Halong Bay and one of the most up-to-date services and the most luxurious is to go to Halong Bay by seaplane cruise to admire the Halong Bay from above and feel all of picture of Halong Bay. It is enormous and extremely lively experience.

Seaplane Hanoi to Halong Bay journey

Currently, Hai Au offers seaplane Ha Noi to Halong Bay route and Halong to Hanoi route every 2-3 flights per trip. With going to Halong Bay by seaplane, the seaplane Ha Noi to Halong Bay route helps shorten the road between two cities for visitors (or vice versa), 3-4 hours if traveling by car to 45 minutes flight. Not only that, the journey of Hanoi – Halong, Halong – Hanoi will bring a whole new experience, help visitors have a different perspective on Hanoi, Halong and its flight path.

The details of seaplane Hanoi to Halong Bay cruise:

  • Noi Bai International Airport: Counter 109, Hall E, Terminal 1, Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Tuan Chau Port: T7, Tuan Chau Port Urban Area, Halong City, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam

Sightseeing on seaplane Hanoi to Halong Bay

Seaplane Hanoi to Halong bay
Halong Bay viewed from above

From Tuan Chau Island, on a 25-minute scenic flight, you will have a panoramic view of Halong Bay with thousands of small islands, limestone mountains and beautiful bays with many unique shapes. Impress visitors for a wonderful masterpiece of nature.

Every day, Hai Au offers 3 to 5 scenic flights catering to the needs of travelers. More information about this flight can be found here.

Appropriate flight time to visit Halong Bay by seaplane

Halong Bay is a part of the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam, where the weather has four distinct seasons including winter (from November to March), cool weather and summer (April to October) the weather is very hot.

Winter weather of Halong Bay is very suitable for the winter vacation or Christmas holiday of Western countries to resort because the temperature is not so hot as the summer, but the opposite is very cool. As for Vietnamese guests, the summer with a long summer vacation is a good time to spend the trip and Halong is one of the favorite destinations.

Seaplane Hanoi to Halong bay
Which time is suitable for flying to Halong Bay by seaplane?

Halong Bay is located in the Gulf of Tonkin, this area is influenced by tropical monsoon with the big storms in June and July so should make your trip interesting and safe, visitors should avoid go around this time.

For seaplane Hanoi to Halong Bay flying services, in the case of extreme weather conditions such as heavy fog (which obstructs pilots’ vision), the flight will not take place to ensure the safety of the passenger. This results in some delay or emergency landing situations from the aircraft to another safe landing zone. If the circumstances above occur, the policy of Sea-based Airlines allows all passengers of that flight to be reimbursed or to fly to another flight. For more information on flights and cancellations, visit here.

What to prepare when traveling Halong by seaplane?

  • Personal identification: Passengers should always bring their passport (for foreign passengers) or ID card (for Vietnamese passengers) on the seaplane Hanoi to Halong Bay.
  • Costumes: Passengers should equip themselves with appropriate and comfortable outfits for the flight of seaplane Hanoi to Halong Bay.
  • Baggage: For the first 7kg, Hai Au Aviation does not charge for baggage. From 8kg or more will charge 100,000 VND / kg over load.
  • In addition, as with all other airline flights, prior to the aircraft taking off, all passengers will receive a request not to be contained, used or affected by any containment solution. any alcohol or other banned substances to ensure flight safety.

Some other notes to grasp

Seaplane Hanoi to Halong bay
Attention to be taken when traveling by seaplane
  • The check-in counter will be open 1 hour before the flight and will be closed before the departure time of 20 minutes so please be at the airport 30 minutes before departure time.
  • On the flight, we allow you to take pictures and shoot the camera
  • Please note that the aircraft does not have a toilet
  • To ensure the best quality of service, customers should provide weight measurements where possible. This will reduce the risk of flying over the specified weight.
  • For special customers (pregnant women, children, infants, etc.), customers should contact Hai Au directly for specific information as well as private information. The most passionate.

If you first come to Halong Bay, then you should equip yourself: Experience the Halong Bay, explore and check-in completely. In addition to the experience of hovercraft, Halong has many popular tourist attractions are waiting for you to discover: Halong tourist attractions, beautiful, cheap, hottest today, The famous cuisine in Halong.