Vietnam backpacker hostel – Discover the nice cheap hostels causing “storms” throughout Vietnam

Let’s discover the nice cheap vietnam backpacker hostel causing “storms” throughout Vietnam

1. Sapa

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Phorri’s House an ideal place for  vietnam backpacker hostel

Price: $ 30 / night / room for 2 persons. One more: surcharge 10 $ / person.

Contact this phone so you can book rooms at Phorri’s House: Mr Chien: 0905838085

Bathroom : There are two options for you:.Discreet and open.

The house can contain 14 people, enough mattress and pillow . Price for whole house booking :$ 120 per day. No dorm. If you go on business, then book the whole house.

2. Hanoi

You must still remember the name Le Bleu Homestay in Da Lat, it is strange that Le Bleu is in Hanoi before. Le Bleu is not a hotel, Le Bleu is a small house with a green garden for those have a generous soul,and want a peaceful life. If you are wondering which vietnam backpacker hostel you should choose, this one is a suggestion.

Trong Xom House is for those want to live in the warm and romantic atmosphere of Hanoi,. Trong Xom house is also for those who are swept away by the pace of modern life, suddenly one morning they remember the ancient space of Ha Noi, “peace a corner of the small yard”.

Refer to the address here:

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Trong Xom House

3. Hoi An

A few minutes walking from the An Bang beach, The Hoi An Hippie House is the ideal place for visitors to enjoy quiet space, stay away from the noisy as well as you can take photos

The Hoi An Hippie House impresses visitors at first sight thanks to the extremely attractive colors.

In front of the house is a small courtyard

The bedrooms are beautifully decorated in different colors and also full of amenities.

At the price of VND 380,000 / room / night or VND 510,000 / double room / night, it is higher than tha that of other homestays or hostels, but the Hoi An Hippie House is worth it. . However, the room is always fully-booked. Partly because of the style of the house, partly beause it is near the beach , just a few minutes walk.

4. Da Nang

Da Nang is the convergence of many beautiful vietnam backpacker hostel

1. Packo Hostel

If you are familiar with the idea that if you visit Da Nang , you can only stay in coastal hotels, or the motel which is comfortable but there’s nothing new and fresh, then you should think again when visiting this lovely hostel.

The special feature of Packo Hostel Container is the container bungalow houses Bungalows are compact models with simple structure, fast assembly and portability such as wooden houses, assembled houses, container houses … In Packo Hostel Containers, container bungalow houses are painted beautiful colors, lying next to each other in the middle of large land areas, which is not only convenient for tourists to contemplate the scenery even in the room, but also nature-fiendly.

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Inside the container chambers are very well equipped rooms.

One Bed at Packo Hostel Contains costs $ 9 or more per night. Double room : $ 25 / bed for 1 night. The price is too cheap and reasonable for young people planning to travel in Da Nang.

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2. Memory Hostel

It is a type of tourist accommodation for tourists who want to save money by sharing rooms with other travelers in the bunk room. However, with its unique architectural style, convenient location and beautiful view, Memory Hostel has attracted many young people to experience when coming to Da Nang.

Total capacity: 46 guests.

Rental price varies from 180-200.000 dong / night.

For more information visit: Memory Hostel

3. Barney’s Danang Backpacker Hostel

This is a hostel combining café with a very young style, suitable for big groups of friends , want to enjoy beautiful scenery during sunset and when the lights are on at Da Nang. Hostel with beautiful view enbales you see and watch the bridge – characteristic of Da Nang under a very beautiful and comprehensive view

The beds are also very unique because there is a drawer box just below the bed without iron cabinet, which helps save space in each room.

Toilets are also given much attention when designed. Each room has a toilet but clean and modern chambers .There will be no more waiting for each other to share room.

The average price of $ 8 / person / night is quite “breathable” for young travelers to explore and travel.

For more information, please visit:

5. Nha Trang

Jungle Beach is neither a resort, nor a homestay, nor a real hotel. Perhaps, because of the simple beauty, the pristine beaches ,people refer to this mysterious paradise as the “sea west” village of Nha Trang coastal city.

Only 60km away from Nha Trang but Jungle Beach is completely separated from the hustle and bustle of the city of Hon Heo peninsula in Ninh Phuoc commune, Ninh Hoa district, Khanh Hoa province.

To reach Jungle Beach, you can follow Route 1A to Hyundai Vinashin, then turn right. – This is a rustic, casual destination with hand-carved furniture by a Canadian owner. .

The first impression when you come to this secluded paradise is the very Vietnamese rustic space with cottage roofs, bamboo pillars and banana bushes after the summer and beautiful white sand beaches.

The price is only 25 USD / person.

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Jungle Beach – a beautiful vietnam backpacker hostel

6. Da Lat

1. BeePub

Beepub has two basic room types: the Dorm (common bedroom with multiple beds) and the standard single room. There are 3 Dorm rooms with 2 double beds and 8 single rooms. Prices range from 95k – 300k / room.

Detailed reference

The first impression when you come to Beepub is probably the brilliant color from the outside to the inside of the house. Everything in this vietnam backpacker hostel is very prominent, so what makes you most excited to come here is probably the feeling of fun, youthful and vibrant. Even here, each room is decorated in a different style.

Price range 100k / person

2. Yolo Hostel

You can think about Yolo Hostel  when choosing a vietnam backpacker hostel. Yolo Hosterl n Bar is quite similar to other neighboring models. Thanks to the use of multi-area, sharing space with the purpose of connecting between tourists, so the cost for a person is only 99k / night.

See details at

3. Tre’s House

Tre House is an architectural style of “sudden inspiration” from the familiar objects such as cabinet, room, bathtub, door, glass vase, basket … Price 150k / person

Surrounding the house is a lot of different garden inspirations: The left straw yard is for holding the wedding parties , the music venue, the backyard planted with plenty of fresh vegetables, the right courtyard with impromptu arrangements which will give you ” happiness”

For more information, please visit

7. Vung Tau

The address is at 06 Thuy Van Street (Bai Sau). Vung Tau hotel is in list vietnam backpacker hostel because of the sea breeze resort, which is listed in one of the most beautiful beaches in Vung Tau city . It has a beautiful view of the sea. It’s easy to move around, go to other places in the center.

In the past, the unique hotel of tubular style originated from Da Lat, which is quite popular with tourists because it brings many benefits “beautiful and unique”. Currently this tubular system has appeared in Vung Tau bringing a new experience for young people traveling to the coastal city.

Price list:

From Monday to Friday, Sunday only: 300k / tube house / night.

Saturday: 500k / tube house / night