Vietnam motorbike riding experiences for backpackers

Experience of riding vietnam motorbike for backpackers.

Vietnam motorbike, the most popular means of transportation in Vietnam at the present , this is also a means many people love to use when the movement tendency broke out. For many young people, riding a vietnam motorbike is a passion, with those who have traveled frequently, it does not have to be said, but for newcomers who use their vietnam motorbikes for the first time, situation handling experience is extremely important in helping you complete your journey with safety. With a little practical experience, Phượt’s team would like to share with you with the desire to move wherever you are still safe.


vietnam motorbike
Motorbike has been the most popular vehicle

Vietnam motorbike experiences in this article are aggregated based on practical experiences from previous ones. You should only consider them as a reference source to use when traveling. We do not require / oblige you to follow the suggestions that the article makes so you should consider and make your own decision. Finally, please BE CAREFUL as much as possible to ensure your own safety.

Wish you have a fun and safe journey!

What kind of vietnam motorbike should I use?

Nowadays, with the popularity of gas scooters, quite a lot of people use this type of vehicle for their trips, however, according to experience of Cung Phuot you should use vietnam motorbike for more convenience. Some popular vehicles are Future Neo, Wave RS, Jupiter, Sirius …. Here are the advantages of vietnam motorbike compared to the scooters

Lightweight, easy to carry, easy to fix, high speed, easy to handle, easy to control when slowing down speed.

Pre-trip and equipment to carry when riding vietnam motorbike

Before traveling, you should carry your vietnam motorbike for full maintenance, check brake pads, tire wear check, replace tires if your old motorbike has too many patches, change oil machine. this is Important for your own safety on the road. If tires are too old, has cracks, grooves that have been worn will affect the grip. If the tire has many patches during the ride (long distance), the friction may cause the old patch. Check the headlights, rear lights and brake lights as well, while on the road that you hit the brakes to reduce the speed but the others behind you do not know and still rushed, it would be dangerous for both vietnam motorbikes. Tires should be at a moderate level, too stretch will make the motorcycle vietnam does not cling to the road and easy to slip when it rains so young it will be easy to stamping (depending on each’s vietnam motorbike)

vietnam motorbike
A typical vietnam motorbike repair kit to bring when go treveling

You can also use self-healing glue to fill the tube so that when the road is rolled to nail you will not be in danger, the glue can also patch itself with the condition you use properly. The colloid should be adhered to in the following way: Shake the bottle of glue, remove the black cap of the glue bottle (also the valve opening device) to open the valve. Plug the glue tube into the glue bottle and the gutter valve. Squeeze the colloid to pump the glue into the car, just pumping and turning the tire uniformly to the glue flow, valve of the tube always needs about 15cm higher than the ground. Finally, wipe the inside of the valve, pin the needle and inflatify the car. CP recommends using Tien Hung glue because of the fact of using both this glue and the Chinese glue that the glue of TH does not affect the rim of the car as well as works quite well.

Some of the vietnam motorbike related items you should bring (for other personal items please see “What to bring when go backpacking”):

Left-hand mirror (The Law regulates that you only have a mirror on the left side), but you should install both mirrors to increase the visibility. The sheet related to the car includes: Vehicle registration, driver’s license, Insurance Civil liability, Road tolls. Use reflective sheeting at the rear of the car so that the car in the group easily recognize each other when going to the evening. Insurance glasses (at least the type of half head Clothing and body protection such as elbow wrap, pillow cover, gloves … (this depends on you, some people might be unfamiliar or do not like to use but if you have it , it will protect you well in case of falling off your vietnam motorbike). A basic motorbike repair kit: Tire removal kit, tire kit and patch kit, hand pump or foot pump, some basic tools Screwdrivers, pliers, tweezers … A pair of spare shifts (1 front and 1 rear) for your vietnam motorbike, 1 spark plug suitable for vietnam motorbike. Of course, with the conditions in the crew you have to know a little about the field of repairing this vietnam motorbike. if not, our advice is to use self-adhesive glue on the top.If it is raining, use rain clothes, you should not use raincoat bat wings because the surface width faces much wind, This will affect the driver. Take a few light ribbons (usually green banana or yellow) to make a strange seal.

With group with 4 or more vietnam motorbikes and not have much experience on the road by motorcycles should be assigned to the commanders and leaders to:

Lead the way for the entire delegation when moving, reduce the speed at the appropriate road, signal to the delegation in the dangerous and unsafe roads.The delegation to ensure no cars in the group are lagging behind. After being separated from the delegation or handling situations when there are vehicles in the group have problems (for example: motorcycle failure) … usually the commanders will be holding the motorccyle repair kit. There should be two vehicles to go and replace each other or tracking each other track by the other members will usually stick to the leading vietnam motorbike and do not pay attention to the lock, if any problem happens, two will be better then one. Ask the members of the delegation to always go behind the leading vietnam motorbike to easily control the situation arising.

vietnam motorbike
You should travel by vietnam motorbike with a group of people

Vietnam motorbike driving experience on the road.

Here are some general experiences of traveling on the road when traveling by motorcycle, you should read carefully to minimize the risk of road hazards.

Observance of traffic rules

– Always abide by the traffic rules, do not go to row 3 (preferably only go to row 1), do not hesitate to hit the hammocks, in the right lane, run at the prescribed speed (note the type of signage). when entering the densely populated area)

Signs of densely populated areas


vietnam motorbike
Maximum speed in residential area updated 2016

– Understanding the Road Traffic Law to handle situations when having problems with traffic police. Once fined and clearly identified as wrong, should not be stressful, take the initiative to apply for a spot penalty to not return to another day only to pay a penalty. Along with unpopularity encourages you to have negative behaviors, but you should handle it neatly and with minimal hassle and also to ensure your journey is uninterrupted.

When walking on the road , do not cross the restricted parts

– Go on 2/3 of your lane, do not encroach (follow the line in the middle) for the road without the line, you must estimate the part of your lane to go. Do not go too close to the road because experience has shown that this area is usually clustered

– Do not drink alcohol during the trip, while ensuring your own safety while avoiding trouble with traffic police.

– Do not cross the front of the view is limited, the front is the curve. Try to minimize right-side across (most vietnam motorbike that are on the right side of the road, so if you choose the right one, it is very dangerous) when overloading trucks, containers or Super-weight vehicles should keep their distance from the body, so they should not run too close to them. When driving, they often create a great attraction around the steering wheel and you might be sucked in the motorcyle . If these vehicles are running at high speed, they should not try to overtake or slow down following and overtaking the residential area. Entering the mirrored area of the truck can look at you and signal the agreement over.

– If you see the opposite motorcycle running the fast-paced and encroachment of the road, you should actively reduce the speed and go close to the margins, follow-up situations happen to handle.
Subsequent hugs also have to pay close attention to the road to signal front-to-back situations with their hands (when there is a need to slow down, when obstacles are approaching, when the vehicle is stopped).

vietnam motorbike
You should seriously obey the rules of transportation

– In dry weather conditions, non-slip road should keep the distance between vehicles 50m, in limited visibility or dark, rainy … this distance can be narrowed down (due to this vietnam motorbike’s speed has dropped)

– When the evening try to blink a reasonable way to the opposite direction does not direct the phase in your eyes, if the motorbike in the opposite direction do not phase you should actively reduce and close to the edge, you should not contend by reverse phase projection. You can use a yellow eyepiece to use it for dark, which will be pretty good if you have a direct light in the eye.

– When the group stop, the others should stop as close as possible to the curb, stop at row 1 each several meters apart, the whole grop should not stop all together side by side to avoid traffic effects on Street.

When riding on mountain roads, muddy roads, bad roads

– When on the mountain road, always pay attention to the signage system to know the front as (continuous crab, landslide, approaching slope …)

Go up the slope by any number down the number

– When you drive a motorbike on a slope that is not too high, you can speed up gradually, creating momentum to cross the slope. But, for steep slopes, you have to pay a low number at the speed you think it can take you up to the top of the slope. Try to avoid digital shift between slopes. If the initial speed drops midway, you should get back to the previous number before the motorbike has any signs of death. You should make the guesswork to pay the appropriate level. A few times uphill experience will guide you to do this well. As you get closer to the top of the slope, reduce your gait, keep the number and let go of the slope. Be active on the speed when meeting other vehicles in the opposite direction at the time you reach the top of the slope, as a result, you will not be drowned, resulting in machine death.
– When downhill, for medium slopes, return the back hand, using the engine’s compressed air to slow down. Front and rear brakes are only used to assist in case of extreme need. For steeps, return the lowest number when starting downhill. This will make the engine brakes more efficient. If the same slope goes up and down or if you steer down the slope as you drive, use the same number you used when you got there. The best way is not to shift the number between slopes. However, when it is necessary, return the number to the lower level before the car is accelerating too fast.

– If the slope is too long and steep (Sin Ho for example), then about 10-15km should stop about 5 ‘to reduce the heat, do not pour water into the machine then.

The road is too slippery to require a hike down the walk

– When muddy roads or slippery roads, it is advisable to reduce the speed, require hiking down the road if the road is difficult, adjust the furniture to ensure the balance of the car (depending on the specific situation that should hold or should keep the furniture in the car), keep steady steering and gas, should turn each car should not cross each other in this way.

High flowing streams are not allowed to pass through

– When crossing or crossing the stream, check the flow rate of the stream, if the water is strong, then stop looking for another way. In cases where it is imperative to seek help from local people, do not try to risk passing you will be very dangerous.

Some warning signs on the road.

Turn signs are dangerous, turn left, turn right and report consecutive turns. Report consecutive turns you will encounter on the mountain road.

The front warning sign is deep, requiring attention to avoid falling

Sign on the tunnel or spillway, when the rain is on the road where you see this sign carefully you should carefully consider whether to continue to pass by now the water flows very strong and fast, if not careful The floods washed away.

The sign slopes up and down along with the percentage of slope. When meeting this sign you should be prepared to slow down (if downhill) or to accelerate slightly to gain momentum (up the slope).

Signs are smooth and landslide, meet this sign must be very careful when it rains, reduce speed and enhance attention observation.