Vietnam scams through foreigners’ sharing

Western tourists share about Vietnam scams.

Here are small pieces of stories told by a man about Vietnam scams

A travel blogger, Jayne Gorman, encounter vietnam scams when he had to pay for a cyclo driver 10 times as much as the deal price, bought a “ghost” tour
Chinese tourists were surprised because of too many Vietnamese motorbike on the roads / western tourists “got sick” due to nail-cutting on the flight to Viet Nam
Jayne Gorman’s first trip to Viet Nam was in 2007, and she repeatedly encountered Vietnam scams. In 2013, Jayne returned Vietnam and thought that she had had more experience and would not be fooled. But then she realized, she was too naive.

vietnam scams
Cyclo frauds have been one of the most popular vietnam scams with foreigners

Of course, the things she was involved in were not too serious and did not require travel insurance companies, but they caused a lot of nuisance that could ruin a trip. She shared her experiences on Skyscanner Australia.

“Your bus has just left”

Right from the first show, Jayne was fooled into traveling in a rural area of the Mekong Delta. Intended to catch a bus to Ho Chi Minh City, she and her companion met a cyclo rider. This person said that the station had closed, the last bus had left. Jayne believed that this person was lying, so she asked him to drive them to the bus station.

vietnam scams
Jayne Gorman has been to Vietnam twice.

However, the man drove them to his friend who had a mini bus. That time was too late, so the two tourists had to get on the small car shabby. They had to travel 6 hours to reach the city. Jayne was not happy with the longer travel time and also the more money.

“Your hotel is bad”

Arriving in Hanoi in 2013, while in a taxi to the booked hotel, the driver suddenly told Jayne: “The hotel she booked is very bad.” However, she had similar experiences in Cambodia so she was not fooled. But the driver still managed to find a way to get Jayne to a different address he introduced.

The advice that this female blogger offers to help other people avoid Vietnam scams is: keep your own opinion, go directly to the hotel you booked. However, before arriving in, visitors should also check the room because the driver does not tell the truth.

vietnam scams
Jayne learned how to pay for the purchase of furniture in Vietnam.

“You heard the wrong price”

Jayne was shocked when a cyclo driver asked for 10 times the amount of the original deal. He insisted that she had misunderstood, even though Jayne had previously confirmed the money several times before getting on the car. When she resolutely paid the same amount as she originally heard, the driver called some of his companions to follow her into the market. With Jayne, that moment was scary. She escaped from the crowd after waving a taxi and returned the hotel safely.

“Anyway, riding on a cyclo in Vietnam is a great way to see the city, and you just have to keep in mind that you may have to pay a bit more,” Jayne wrote.

” Ghost” tour
Her first trip to Vietnam ended sadly as at the beginning. Jayne intended to spend the last day visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels and booked at a random agent near the hotel. Finally, after more than an hour waiting at the door of the hotel, she and her friends realized that no one would come. Everyone was very disappointed. The lesson for female travelers is that instead of saving a few dollars on lesser-known agents, she advises people to sign up through a reputable online hotel or operator, and keep in touch frequently.