Vietnam spring roll- 6 famous Vietnamese spring roll dishes (Nem) in 3 regions

6 famous Vietnam spring roll dishes (or Nem) in 3 regions

All are Vietnam Spring roll but the taste and gastronomy are completely different making them famous throughout three regions of Vietnam.

1. Nem Phung – Pung spring rolls

Nem Phung is a delicious specialty of Phung town, Dan Phuong district, Hanoi. The dish is simple but very attractive. The ingredients are quite simple, including lean meat, pork skin, sticky rice, ordinary rice, but a delicious Phung spring roll must go through a careful selection of materials and complicated cooking process

The materials to make Phung are simply lean meat, pork skin, sticky rice, sticky rice served with fig leaves.

Meat to make Vietnam spring roll is usually chump chop or tenderloin with both lean and fat. Then meat is cut into small pieces, dipped in boiling water to make it rare. Lean meat and fat are separated , well chopped and then well mixed with salt, fish sauce . The most important step to quality of spring rolls is “thinh making (rice bran). After being mixed , “Nem” is wrapped with fig leaves, fresh banana leaves on the outside and then tied back,

The leaves should be neither too young nor too old to make “Nem” delicious
Nem Phung is often dipped in chili sauce . The sweetness of the meat, the smell of “thinh”, the taste of the leaves are all so delicious that local people in Phung said:

“Nem Feng eaten with fig leaf

make people in four regions remember forever”

vietnam spring roll
Nem Phung – a famous brand of vietnam spring roll

2. Nem Nam Giao Thuy – Nam Dinh

Talking about Giao Thuy in Nam Dinh, food lovers all know “Nem nam Giao Thuy”, which includes ingredients made from pig skin and lean pork leg ,rice bran, and Sa Chau sauce- an indispensable part.

Bi lon (pork skin) are selected carefully from the skin of healthy pigs. After removing the hairs and fat under the skin, “bi lon” are boiled ( 3-5 minutes in boiling water) to make them soft and tough; If they are boiled too long, they will be sticky and then not delicious. “bi lon” must be well sliced by hands, not the machine. Pork meat to make spring rolls must be fresh , boiled until being well done and then sliced. This mixture is then mixed with special rice bran of the lowland area.

vietnam spring roll
Nem nam Giao Thuy – a kind of vietnam spring roll

3. Nem chua Thanh Hoa

Nem chua Thanh Hoa ((Vietnamese fermented sausage) has long been a famous brand of vietnam spring roll in all regions of the country from North to South. The special point to distinguish Nem chua Thanh Hoa with “nem chua” in other areas is” dinh lang” leaves, a kind ofleaf used to wrap inside the spring rolls. “Ding lang” is a bonsai tree, its leaves make “nem chua” both become beautiful and have attractive flavor . The green leaves, firmly attached to the pink spring rolls bring a striking contrast, but harmony between leaves and nem.

People who gastronomic will sniff before eating. Delicious vietnam spring roll will have subtle subtle sour flavor and spicy taste of “hat tieu” (pepper) and abit strong smell of “ding lang” leaves.The smell of the leaves helps to reduce the fatness of the meat, while also improve your appetite, likely when people eat pig ear sausages with guava leaves.

Nem chua is an indispensable dish with people in Thanh Hoa when they have guests . And when they are away from home, they do not forget to bring “nem” as a gift to their friends. people from other places coming to Thanh Hoa often buy “nem” and bring home as a gift to relatives. In Thanh Hoa, you should go to restaurants ahead Truong Thi Street, or Le Hoan street. if you want to by true “Nem Thanh Hoa”. If buying nem sold at gas stations, bus stations , the quality will be not guaranteed

vietnam spring roll
Nem chua Thanh Hoa

4. Nem lui Hue

Nem lui Hue is considered to be one of the specialties of Thua Thien Hue that anyone visiting this land should try. This unique flavor of Central Vietnam of this dish leaves visitors,both those are at home and abroad with a deep impression .

Nem lui is simply cooked with pork and well chopped pork meat with thinly sliced pancakes, pork chopped with salt, pepper, and honey. After that, the mixture was dropped into small bamboo chopsticks and roasted on a charcoal stove.

The spring rolls are usually baked yellow, aromatic on the charcoal stove, served with fresh vegetables, dipping sauce with special sauce to ignore the customers.

When eating, people often eat rice paper (also known as rice paper), aromatic herbs, sour, green bananas, figs … depending on each person’s taste.

vietnam spring roll
Nem lui Hue is a declious dish with many people

5. Nem nuong Ninh Hoa

Ninh Hoa vietnam spring roll brings a very specific flavor due to the death of the famous red pig. A sweet and savory barbecue with sauces and herbs makes the dishes attractive not only to the locals but also to the nearby tourists.

A good serving of grilled spring rolls includes about 6-8 pieces of crushed meat and a few pieces of crispy fried rice paper. then they are served with vegetables with all kinds of flavor: spicy, sour, chat …

Sauce is always a mixture of minced pork, soy sauce, sugar, salt, garlic, chili and some other spices.

vietnam spring roll
Nem nuong Ninh Hoa


6. Nem Lai Vung  – Dong Thap

Nem Lai VUng  is nem chua made in Lai Vung district, Dong Thap.Looking from the exterior to the interior ,will see that spring rolls are bright red, wrapped in banana leaves and they are served in the parties or family meals. .

it is quite sophisticated to make Lai Vung nem , which depends on the secret recipe of each family. tendon and fat are taken away from lean meat , thinly sliced into the mortar, added sugar, salt and then crushed. After that, mix pork skin with rice bran, sprinkle some pepper and thin slices of garlic on the top. Finally, nem is wrapped in” la chum ruot” or “la vong non” and a layer of banana leaves outside.

Nem Lai Vung is red and abit pink. When eating, it has sour, spicy, salty, sweet flavor along with the crunchiness of por skin, which increases the unique taste So there is a verse that

“Lai Vung is strange land

Nem chua is that sweet, fragrant that drunk … ”

vietnam spring roll
Nem Lai Vung, Dong Thap