Vietnam taxi scams – Be cautious with taxi scam tricks

Recently, many travelers shared about their vietnam taxi scams stories. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, visitors should raise their awareness when stepping on a strange taxi, in strange places.

vietnam taxi scams
foreign tourists should watch out for vietnam taxi scams when try services in here


Raise freight

Watch out for vietnam taxi scams
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For strangers who do not know well the roads, delicate taxi drivers will go farther to “buy the road,” do not turn on the clock or have the meter adjusted to cheat your money.

It is an old trick, but if you do not ask in advance or do not appear to be tough, visitors will easily be fooled.

Ride the car suddenly when the passenger has just got off the bus

For travelers traveling long distances, there are many bulky luggage, the driver will perform the robbery in the “gas train” away when guests have just got off the car, causing the passengers on the car to be ” “clean.

New robbery tricks of vietnam taxi scams

Many taxi drivers have linked up with gang robbers to rob the customer assets by announcing the location of the robbery, pretending to car trouble.

Watch out for vietnam taxi scams – 2

Use slang words for your accomplices

The object that the taxi drivers “to” hand out are the visitors to go at night, the passengers go from the airport, train station, bus station … do not know the road. Especially the female tourists. Driving in the drunken state is also easy to “prey” for the robbery, was stripped pre-built.

When a passenger enters a vehicle, the driver will call or text his fellow passengers on the itinerary, or the current location of the vehicle. In order to avoid being suspicious, they often use slang words such as: “chicken”, “delicious chicken”, “MU” (only rich customers) …

“Hit the Lamp”

In addition, some taxis even flashed lights at night to signal, call for supporters, stick to the car and choose the appropriate time to rob the customer. This usually takes place when guests prepare to arrive at the address that they have informed the driver before.

Car trouble in the middle of the road

If guests meet at night, drivers “leave” often choose to go to the desert. Inquiries, they will take the reason is not clear road, or this road does not ban cars, shorter roads are being repaired can not go …

Under the script agreed before, to the appointment site, taxi will stop unexpectedly. The driver will pretend to repair the car, kindly warned customers carefully. At this time, two motorcycles arrived, each carrying two people to ask the road. Then the driver will push the car to start the machine. They will be quick to help and the passenger is sitting in the taxi down the sidewalk to ease the push. If you do, the taxi driver will go away, one of the four motorcyclists will snatch the bag of guests and quickly escape.

If passengers do not agree to get off, people on the motorcycle will face control both driver and passenger to hand and disappear soon after.

Solution to vietnam  taxi scams

– You should choose reputable taxi firms, which are a bit higher, but the safety is guaranteed.

– Pay attention to the taxi’s attitude to see if there is any irregularity

– If visitors (especially females) travel at night, or from other cities, absolutely no expensive jewelry, phones or accessories.

– Prior to boarding the vehicle, carefully capture the license plate, driver’s name and taxi company (if any) and send to the person in charge of the risk. When the driver clearly revealed his intentions, he said calmly: “We have taken a photo of the license plate and sent it back to our family members. If there is any problem, we will inform the police.” When recognizing the driver’s attitude we should definitely get off immediately, not compromise. Otherwise they will lose money, be robbed or harmed.

vietnam taxi scams
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The “500.000” tricks of “du” taxi – Vietnam taxi scams.

This is a case of vietnam taxi scams which was told by a foreigners. In the blink of an eye, the taxi driver even exchanged the 500,000 VND bill into the 20,000 VND bill and then accused the guests of robbing
Taxi drivers even turn the car with many brands, hunt for guests in the “gold address” area District 1, District 3 … In addition to “hacking” visitors by setting the postage scale, they also swap the money within a few notes!

vietnam taxi scams
Tourists should be seriously cautious when paying money for driver

Vietnam taxi scams – Cashing as fast as magic!

On June 30, we pretended to be Korean tourists wandering around the War Remnants Museum (District 3).

A young man about 27 years old, wearing a hat to the Toyota 51G-503.52 finally parked to put the logo, phone number 38.272777 into the body and put the taxi light box on the roof of the car.

Seeing us, the young man asked. When he heard we were talking in Korean and wanted to go to the airport, he claimed the price of “four hundreds thousands” (400,000 VND).

When he got in his car, the driver stopped the meter, ran a circuit to the airport. At the parking area, this person dialed the phone number 450,000 and said four fifty thousand (450,000, up more than 50,000 compared with the original price agreement).

Two of our “Korean guests” do not understand, a person took his wallet, took many bills from denominations of 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 but the driver shook his head stirring.

The driver stared at the guest’s wallet and when the “Korean customer” drew 500,000 VND, the driver raised his right hand to grab it and pass quickly to the left hand.

In the blink of an eye, he handed out the 20,000 dong, saying loudly: “No! No! four fifty thousand … “with the idea that he needs 450,000 more although we have not said anything. Until the “Korean guest” signaled that the driver took the 500,000, he always mouth “No, No!” And pulled out all the money in his pocket without a 500,000 VND!

The “Korean customer” use the phone to calculate: 500,000 VND minus 450,000 VND but the driver repeatedly points to the 20,000 VND, signaling that he only holds 20,000 VND.

He pulled out all the bags to show that he did not cheat, flipped the car, always asking “Where, Where?” And shouted “You Mafia!”

After a moment of throwing the “Alibaba” scolding sentence, we threatened “Call police!” Then the young man screamed “Go, go!”, made a sign to drive us away, threw away. 20,000 VND then closed the door, drove the care and ran away.


The whole vietnam taxi scams process of this car is recorded by our camera.

The taxi driver 51G-503.52 exchanged 500,000 VND of the guest sheet into 20,000 VND. (Photo cut from clip) Photo: N.T N

Taxi drivers exchanged 51G-054.17 exchanged money f the Korean guest(Photo cut from clip) Photo: N.T N

Although 51G-503.52 taxi drivers stick the logo in the car before the War Remnants Museum in District 3. Photo: N.T N

51G-054.17. N

Seeing foreigners as “cut throat”-

Han Jea Kwang (born 1978, Korean nationality, temporary residence in District 7) needs to meet with partners at Tan Son Nhat airport, Tan Binh district. Mr. Han and a friend take a taxi in the Ben Thanh Market (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) to the airport.

When two big men go round in the Ben Thanh market area, many taxi drivers here offer to ride. A 40-year-old driver sitting in the cabin asked: Taxi? Mr. Han said the airport should be agreed to carry.

Observed, the Toyota four-seat, white plate No. 51G-054.17 is quite new, standing beans in the Ben Thanh Market. The car has the logo of the taxi transport Tourist 27-7 taxi with the number, the car has a taxi record box with the phone number 38.272777.

In case of vietnam taxi scams. taxi is also equipped with charging tools like the usual taxi. However, according to the observation, this cash register jumped at a speed “galloping”. Specifically, the distance from Ben Thanh market to Tan Son Nhat airport 7.2 km but the clock dance tens of thousands / second. Finishing the journey, the taxi meter stopped at 692,700 VND.

In most of vietnam taxi scams cases, the driver then took the newspaper to write and said 692 Vietnam dong,  Han took the phone to dial 690,000, the driver nodded agreed. However, Han said it was too expensive. The driver understands and says “this is a VIP taxi so it is very expensive”.

Mr. Han did not know well about Vietnamese currency so he brought money with different denominations. The driver then suggested number 6,9 and 2 (in English)., after that , when Mr.Han put 600.00 d0ng sheet (included 100.000 dong and 500.000 dong) down to look for money, the driver quickly took away these two many sheets


When Mr. Han was confused and he asked the driver to give him the money to make the calculation one more time, the driver had only a 20.000 dong and a 100.000 dong. 500.000 dong disappeared without any traces