Vietnam train tours – Traveling to Viet Nam by train

4 most “hot” Vietnam train tours this summer

Vietnam Train tours – Going by train to Phan Thiet, Nha Trang, Quang Binh is the safe transportation which is suitable for a group of tourists and family with young children

Nha Trang is the famous destination that many visitors choose to go to in the summer as it has bautiful landscapes and various forms of leisure services and experiences. Vietnam train tours to Nha Trang has just been utilized since March, 2017. These trains has new seats and beds with many modern facilities. When coming to Nha Trang, you can take a tour to 4 islands, Vinpearl Land or go to Cam ranh gulf, Binh Ba island

Diving and watching coral, eating expensive lobster are interesting experiences you should try when coming here. Tourists should not discover by themselves, they should ask for instructions to the territorial waters that are allowed to watch the coral. Never take coral and bring it home

vietnam train tours
Diving and watching coral is an interesting experience that Vietnam train tours bring about

Dolphin train is a new experience which first appeared in April, the train can dive and fly away from the water surface, similar to the performance of a dolphin. This train is designed with 2 seats, under the load of 240 kilos, run on the water with the speed of 65 km/h. It has a long breather pipe system so the driver can try spining the train up to 360o vertically.

Price: 1100.000 dongs/ 10 mins

Ho Chi Minh – Phan Thiet

In March, Vietnam train tours launches the high- quality HCM – Phan Thiet train tour. Tourists can visit Mui Ne Sea, tower areas imbued with Cham culture, Lagi territoral waters, Ke Ga cape

Phan Thiet cuisine is a memorable experience with special dishes like Banh canh cha ca, banh mi xiu mai, banh trng nuong mam ruoc….

vietnam train tours
Phan Thiet is also famous for its cuisine

Huế – Quy Nhơn – Nha Trang

Since 19/5, Hue – Nha Trang train tour sets off at 16.08 o’clock, arrives in Nha Trang at 6.18 o’clock, the opposite- sided one leaves at 8.45 a.m and arrive in the fianl destiantion at 10.39 p.m everyday. The journey across many provines in the Central will help you make plan for the summer holiday appropriately

There is a new thing that this year, Hue does not only open during the day but also in the evening from 7 p.m to 10p.m. Tourists will have chance to contemplate the colorful scenery of Hue Palace at night, Doi Gac ceremony, Nha Nhac cung dinh Hue (Hue royal court music), royal performances, folk games, and many other activities to recall the old empire life

Vietnam train tours across Hai Van Pass is a very exciting experience during the journey. From the window, you can contemplate the bautiful landscape of Lang Co bay, and the territorial waters between Hue and Da Nang

You can stay in Da Nang within 1 or 2 days or go to Dieu Tri gas station (in Binh Dinh) and visit Quy Nhon city which has a beautiful sea at night and delicious food with cheap prices

vietnam train tours
Quy Nhon city at night

Hiring a motorbike and going through Thi Nai Bridge, you arrive in Eo Gio and Ky Co- the hot territorial waters these days. They are said to be “Maldives of Viet Nam”. It will cost about 250.000- 400.000 dong for each person with the full package service like 2 sided way cano, meals. After that, you can continue the trip to Nha Trang, the sea city

Ha Noi – Quang Binh

Coming to Quang Binh and visiting the film studio of the movie Kong: Skull Island is the hot trend this summer. Besides the familiar destinations like Phong Nha cave many other tourism places with new experiences will make you feel funny such as Kayak, Zipline driving in Mooc spring. The price is 270.000 dong/person. If you want to explore Hang toi and muslide bathing, you will have to pay 450.000 dong

The Heaven Cave, which is considered as the under ground royal palace, you should not miss this place. The temperature inside the cave is about 20-21o C, making the atmosphere cooler, reduce the hot heat and tiredness of the 60 km journey form Dong Hoi city. The price is 250.000 dong

vietnam train tours
Inside the Heaven cave

Tourists who love adventure can continue trekking 7 km deep into caves. The journey going through many kinds of demography, Kayak rowing though under-ground rive, big stocks. The Heaven tour in 2 days and one night is about 4 milion dongs, if you just go within 2 days it costs 2 milion dongs