Vietnam visa scams companies’ tricks and how to avoid them

How to identify vietnam visa scams companies?

Nowadays, when tourism becomes a trend, which is followed by the appearance of visa services companies like “mushroom after rain”. In addition to quality companies, there are quite a few companies with weak capabilities and little experience. So how to distinguish a company visa service which is not prestigious or a vietnam visa scams?

How to identify vietnam visa scams companies? –
Visa is a vague concept for those who are less likely to travel abroad, especially those in the countryside. when needed, it is always a must to have someone support you in terms of paperwork, procedure, and visa companies.

However, the fact that visa service companies are mushrooming has made many customers confused and do not know which company will be the right choice so as not to get the trouble or even lose their money due to frauds
Visa service company

vietnam visa scams
vietnam visa scams are becoming a serious issues

* What is an insignificant visa service company?
As the countries around the world are increasingly “closing their doors” to Vietnamese passport holders, it is also the time when vietnam visa scams companies seduce and take advantage of the gullibility, lack of knowledge of immigration paperwork and procedure . There are a few basic things you can do when working with an untrustworthy company:

– Speed: Customers always need a commitment on time and scheduel. However, you will be promised by the company without any exact time

– Professionalism: All the elements from communication style, how to handle the problem … you can feel yourself and evaluate. not showing respect for customers, not caring about their needs. It is a stingy answer, lack of expertise, lack of in-depth understanding of visa services and the mastery of the situation with clients.

– There are people who claim to be able to interfere with the visa process by relying on familiarity with the consular officer and at the same time showing pictures taken with government officials and promising support ability, or bribe. These moves are undoubtedly fraudulent. The visa review must be based on the law and not based on feelings.

How to recognize a vietnam visa scams company ?

* How not to suffer from vietnam visa scams?
– There are lot of things you should find out about the company, wether they were involved in fraud the past or not, the success rate in visa passing

– DO NOT post your status on social networking, travel group, many companies get virtual facebook account to comment, advertise self-scoring scam for their company so that you believe that is true.

vietnam visa scams
Travelers should not post your personal information on Social networking sites like Facebook

– When planning to apply for a visa abroad, you need to find out the reasonable cost and find the most reputable company. Never be eager to cheap price and the good deal the visa service company draws itself. Because they simply can not do that.

– Learn about Visa or whatever you are looking for, avoid being scammed when using the service. At present, information on the internet is not difficult to find,you just need to select them. Choose the right place of trust.

How to distinguish the company visa services which are not reliable?

About “A Chau”, we are also a visa service company with more than 15 years experience in the field of visa application. 15 years may not be too short but every employee in the company is always trying to improve their personality, knowledge, expertise to serve customers. That is probably the best way we can send back to the customers who have trusted the use of visa services in the company.

We would like the customers who have been and intend to use the service of Asian companies can experience a good visa application service. A Chau’s opinion is that it will give customers more than they expect.

“Do not complain when you chose a “fake: service by mistaken” Be smart and alert to better customer service. ”

I / About the tricks:

The bad guys often aim at the ignorance and gulliilty of some Vietnamese people who have trouble with extending or changing their stay status in Japan. These people will look for expatriates or even those who have fled out and promised they have a team and can manage to help them within a few days. Those who need a visa extension will only need to provide photos, curriculum vitae and payment for services.

In most cases they have kept the promise and given the visa to the person who needs it. You should feel secure when you have a visa. However, when being questioned by the police and having to present a residence card (old alien registration card),you will be arrested because it is fake

II / How to avoid being cheated:

Here are some thinngs you need to keep in mind to avoid falling into the trap.

1 / Know the information and understand the actual situation:

It is possible that in Vietnam and some countries there are some paperless working lines. But in Japan there is absolutely nothing to do with back-door methods. So when you hear someone say “have line” “have relationship”, you should stay away because 50% is a scam and 50% is a lie.

Except for special cases, the Immigration Department does not provide emergency visas within a few days. So when someone guarantees to give a visa within a few days, then you should think of the possibility of fraud.

2 / Do not be blind:

With the passage of the law “transfer visa from trainee to engineer” “extend visa for those who ran away” … It is completely unreliable. When this information is available, it is wise to find out how Japanese law is regulated. There may be no one surrounding to ask , but there are plenty of places to find the answers to your questions.

3 / Need to verify clearly:

a / Verification of services:

Let’s see where they are. And if necessary, ask them to explain as well as commit to clear step by step documentation. you should never just meet at a coffee shop and then recieve only the email address or phone number without knowing where the enemy live.

b / Verification of papers and related parties:

In principle, the renewal or change of status of residence in Japan will have to be made by the person in need of renewal. In special cases this may be authorized another person through papers. So, there’s absolutely no job someone can do for you without signing a letter of authorization.

In addition, the extension of status of residence requires the written consent of the relevant authority, such as a school or company. Please check if your profile has these. Also, if you do not participate in the interview, you must also confirm where the company or school is located.

It is a good idea to submit your application to the Immigration Department. In case of authorizing someone to do so, make sure to also take this person to the immigration office on the date of submission. If they can not go, ask them to apply for the application form issued by the Immigration Department when handling the application.

Again, in Japan, there is no back door, so papers can not be taken off the road but must be submitted to the immigration office during their employment.

vietnam visa scams
Visa passing process in Japan is very strict

The above are things you take note to avoid being scammed from vietnam visa scams. Of course, I do not conclude that all places where the service of extending the status of residence is fraudulent. Because of this, I was not too scared after reading this article or hearing rumors about how many people were cheated and did not dare to do anything. The issue is careful and careful selection will minimize the risk.