Vietnam weather season in 12 months and where to go during that time?

You want to go traveling but you are still wondering where you should go during the best Vietnam weather  season with the most beautiful natural scenery ?
you don’t want to be put off when you are excited about the trip but storm or unexpected things happen as you arrive.
Save this article, as we just noted down all the great time to go to tourist attractions on Viet Nam, from the North to the South during 12 months.

Where you should go in January?

January, the time when Tet is coming nearer and it is also time for the winter in the North and dry season in the South . If you would like to travel this month, you can go to the following places:
Ha Giang:

In January, peach and plum flowers start to blossom and the temperature reach a low ( below 0 Celsius at times), so you can, at the same time, contemplate the beauty of flowers and snowfall.

vietnam weather seasons
January-Vietnam weather season of Peach blossoms in Ha Giang
Thai Binh

The ripen rice season begins in January. Arriving in Thai Binh this season, you will have chance to see the ripen rice paddy fields on Nam Tan sister’s hometown. Thai Binh is a destination suitable for  backpacking rather than relaxing.

Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh.

Quy Nhon sea is most beautiful between January and September in Western calendar. At this time, the weather is also cool, neither too hot nor too cold, there are a lot of seafood for you to enjoy. There for if you are wondering where to go during 12 vietnam weather season, this place can be an ideal one

Where to go in February ?

You feel it hard to find somewhere to go during 12 vietnam weather season? Don’t worry, After Tet (Lunar New Year) is February, and you can choose many interesting destinations to go this month.

Tay Nguyen

if you intend to go to Tay Nguyen, you should come here in February when the weather become more pleasant, it is not rainy but cool. It is not only great to visit coffee and rubber forest but also fantastic to go to moutain villages and discover the breathtaking beauty of this land.

It is also a perfect time to explore the nature as well as the original culture of Tay Nguyen
Sai Gon:
Aside from the good weather, january is also the time to travel to Sai Gon and take part in Mid- January festival and Lantern Festival (Tet Nguyen Tieu) on Sai Gon River.
In February, Saigon has the best sunny days of the year.
Ninh Binh:

Ninh Binh has Bai Dinh, Tam Coc Bich Dong and Trang An, these tourist attractions are very beautiful and attractive to tourists in February in Western calendar.

In February, vistors often travel to Bai Ding and Trang An at the same time.

In February, there is a huge number of tourists to Ninh Binh,  you might find it harder to choose means of transportation to Ninh BInh. However, many people have now shifted to  Limousine to save time as well as get comfort.

Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc:

You can go to Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc all year round, but if you want to see the best scenery of fog and clouds covering all the ways in Tam Dao, and go to the pogoda by the way, you should come here in February according to Western calendar.


vietnam weather seasons
In February, Tam Dao is always sunk in the mist all the way
 Quang Tri
You should travel to Quang Tri from December 12 to April next year, but around February is the best. Avoid May, June, because it will be very humid and dry and from July and November every year because it is the rainy season.

At the beginning of the year, it is a good time for you to visit Quang Tri Citadel

Nam Dinh

Nam Dinh has sea, but mainly for the purpose of exploiting seafood, so the tourist season  is not in summer, but in February,right after the Lunar New Year. This is the time when many big festivals in Nam Dinh took place such as Phu Day festival, festival of Khai An Den Tran..

Sapa, Lao Cai:

Sapa is the best place to see snowfall in Vietnam. If you want to come and contemplate this scene, the most appropriate time is from December to February next year!
Lang Son

Like Nam Dinh, February is the time when Lang Son has many tourist attractions such as Tam Thanh Pagoda, Phu Quoc Festival, Bac Le Temple.

People from different places pour to the Temple of Bac Le for the ceremony in February

Moc Chau, Son La:

January and February is the time when plum on Moc Chau blossoms; however this scene becomes most beautiful in February, the climate is no longer too cold so you can go sight-seeing freely
March, a special vietnam weather season of the year the North is at the beginning time of spring rain, it is very humid and wet, so there aren’t many ideal places to go in March

Dien Bien:
In March, the forest is full of blooming Ban flowers in Dien Bien, which is a very beautiful scenery
Nghe An:
If you would like to take photos with sunflower fields in Nghe An, you should come in March , April and November, December !

vietnam weather season
Nghe An sunflower fields

Where you should go in April:

In April, you will be ecstatic with the following tourist attractions:

Sapa, Lao Cai:

April in Sapa is the season of transplanting young rice, that local people rush to their fields can be seen everywhere and the fields is always in a invasive and sliver water like color, which is rather interesting.

Ha Giang:

This time, if you come to Ha Giang, you will be attending Tinh Khau Vai market, one of the traditional cultural characteristics of ethnic people here.

Vietnam weather season
Ha Giang market in April


+ Cua Lo, Nghe An

A bit further from Sam Son beach is Cua Lo beach, Nghe An. its water is very clear, seafood is also cheap. This place is also choosen by many families and agencies in May

+ Ninh Thuan:

Where to go in June?

In June, it was already in the mid of summer and the beginning of the rainy season, therefore, the demand for avoiding the hot weather also increase. This is also a great time to visit:

+ Hoa Binh:

Comimg to Hoa Binh in the summer, you can go to Mai Chau for relaxation, or to see the Hoa Binh hydroelectric dam at the best time of the year.

+ Thai Nguyen:

Thai Nguyen with green tea leave hills will be an attractive destination for those who are fed up with the hot and gross atmosphere in Ha Noi

+ Bac Giang:

Coming to Bac Giang in June, you will be spoilt for enjoying the ripen, rugged and red litchi everywhere. there are a lot of Vai (Litchi) in Bac Giang, you can buy it as a gift which is both precious and money-saving

+ Da Nang:

The best time to travel to Da Nang is from June to August. The temperature in Da Nang is very pleasant this time, you can both bathe and have fun without getting tired. Da Nang beach is also very quiet, not windy as it is after August

+ Hoi An, Quang Nam:

Hoi An is a tourist attraction quite close to Da Nang, so visitors often combine travel around these two destinations at the same time. However, you should avoid coming to Quang Nam from September to December because of frequent flash floods.

+ Quang Ngai:

Quang Ngai is also quite similar to Quang Nam so you can travel to them at the same time

In addition, June is also the time for you to  enjoy the fruits of the gardens at the tourist attractions such as:

  • Binh Phuoc
  • Binh Duong
  • Dong Nai
  • Ba Ria – Vung Tau


Traveling in July

From July to September, the place where you should go most is Nha Trang beach, Khanh Hoa. At this time, Nha Trang beach is very green and clear , the scenery is very romantic, which makes you feel great when you are in here.

In addition, traveling to  Sapa in the summer, around July, you will enjoy the fresh and cool air,  and you can relieve stress  after hard working days in the city

Where to go in August

In August, you should visit the following places:

+ Cao Bang:

Going to Cao Bang without visiting Ban Gioc Waterfall is a waste of time and money of the trip. Coming to Ban Gioc Waterfall without choosing  August means you have missed the most beautiful scenery of this tourist destination.

+ Mui Ne, Binh Thuan:

From August to December is a very suitable time to travel to Mui Ne, Binh Thuan. You should not come here in the rainy season, from around May to the end of July because this is the time when seaweed multiply rapidly, making the water very turbid.


Where you should go in September

September is another typical vietnam weather season If you want to change the atmosphere for your family on a vacation, you should visit the following places:

+ Lai Chau:

If you want to explore the wild nature of Lai Chau, you should also visit from September to October , avoid the rainy season because of frequent flash floods,  dangerous landslides

+ Moc Chau, Son La:

Coming to Moc Chau in September, you will not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery but also attend Independence Day – the largest and most magnificent Tet of the ethnic minorities in Moc Chau.

+ Ha Giang:

September is also the time when Ha Giang entered the harvest with the rice fields on the slope of the mountain.

+ Hanoi:

Hanoi autumn – autumn of Hanoi, it is unusal  that people referred to the fall of Hanoi that much. Is it because this is the time when Hanoi is in the most beautiful, sweetest and most romantic time in all 4 seasons?

Where to go in Octorber:

In October, traveling around these following locations to get the best funny time!

+ Ha Giang:

the season of the triangle flower circuit is in October, November. Please take advantage now to take the most beautiful photos for yourself

+ Con Dao, Vung Tau:

If you want to go to Con Dao, around October is the best time because  Con Dao beach is quite safe and secure this time

+ Phu Quoc, Kien Giang:

Like Con Dao, if you would like to go to Phu Quoc then you should go in October

 Where to go in November

November is also a beautiful vietnam weather season suitable for tourism:

+ Nghe An:

Take photo with sunflower fields

+ Moc Chau:

The season of white blooming flowers

+ Phu Tho:

10/3 in lunar calendar  or April in Western calendar is the anniversary of the Hung King’s death, do not miss this opportunity to come to Phu Tho


vietnam weather season
Hung Kings’ death anniversary festival in April

+ Quang Nam:

Quang Nam with a lot of tourist attractions, from the sea to the forest, but you should only travel here from April to August  and from September to December  as it is the vietnam weather season of dangerous floods  in Quang Nam

Where to go in May?

May, the first month of summer, the time for sea travel and the beginning season of the fragrant sweet fruit. you  Want to have fun without limitation, the following places will be your choice:

+ Yen Bai:

If you do not have time to visit Sapa to see the terraced fields in the season of irrigating fields, then in May, you should go to Yen Bai

+ Ha Giang

May is the vietnam weather season of harvesting. May is also the time when Ha Giang began to irrigate their fields

+ Bac Kan:

If you want to visit and explore Ba Be Lake, the most suitable vietnam weather season is from May to July. At this time the water in the lake is very quiet and clear, there are many fish and shrimp for you to enjoy.

vietnam weather season
Ba Be Lake Tourism in May Kan

+ Ha Long, Quang Ninh:

not many people know  that the best time to travel to Ha Long, Quang Ninh is in May. At this time the weather is not too hot, the sunshine is not too bright so it is suitable for you to go sunbathing as well as visit the tourist attractions such as Thien Cung cave, Con Dog, Con Cat …

+ Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong:

Hai Phong and Quang Ninh are two places close to each other, so the weather conditions and the atmosphere are quite similar. This is also a suitable time for you to travel and stay in Cat Ba island!

vietnam weather season
Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong

+ Sam Son, Thanh Hoa

Another well-known tourist attraction during this vietnam weather season  is Sam Son beach, Thanh Hoa. Sam Son beach has the advantage of clear water, strong waves and many resort and entertainment complex, in addition to with the location quite close to Hanoi and the cost of tourism is not too expensive ,so it attracts many tourists in may every year