Vietnamese food restaurants in the list of top 101 Asia’s best

The famous US food website Daily Meal has just selected five restaurants in Vietnam to be in the list of the 101 best restaurants in Asia

vietnamese food restaurant
Grilled bananas wrapped in sticky rice won the Asia’s food fair

In which, Ho Chi Minh City’s Lemongrass restaurant at 4, Nguyen Thiep, District 1 was ranked the 21st.

Vietnamese food restaurant
Inside Ho Chi Minh City’s Lemongrass restaurant

Established in 1996, Lemongrass located on the quiet street Nguyen Thiep in the city centre. It follows a luxurious French architectural design with Vietnamese decorating style

This is also a favorite destination of many foreigners due to its cozy atmosphere, delectable Vietnamese dishes along with more than 200 types of world- famous cocktails, a variety of wines and drinks from France, UK, USA, Australia, Chile…

Placing 28th, Ngon restaurant at 160 Pasteur Dist.1 is full of  beautifully-decorated Vietnamese street food. It is also one of the most-attracted tourist food stores in Ho Chi Minh city.

Vietnamese food restaurant
Ngon restaurant at 160 Plasteur, Dist.1

La Maison 1888 (Son Tra, Da Nang), which was ranked 58th,  Under the helm of the world- famous chef, Michel Roux, it offers haute French cuisine with subtle Asian flavors.

La Maison 1888 is included in InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort in Son Tra peninsula, Da Nang. Although this restaurant just opened in 2012, it draw much attention from the gastronomic high-class as they chose the Central as their destinations for relaxation

Vietnamese food restaurant
La Maison 1888 restaurant included in InterInterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort in Son Tra peninsula, Da Nang.

Being on number 71, Hoi An restaurant offers the unique combination of French – Vietnamese cusine. The food store locates on 11, Le Thanh Tong, Dist.1

Vietnamese food restaurant
A corner of Hoi An restaurant.

Lastly, Mandarine, rank 95th , offers a quintessential Vietnamese dining experience and it is on Ngo Van Nam street, Dist.1

Vietnamese food restaurant
Mandarine Restaurant

As can be seen, among these 5 food stores, 4 of which including Lemongrass, Ngon, Hoi An and Mandrine are all in Ho Chi Minh city. La Maison 1888 is the only restaurant of Da Nang to be listed in the list.

The Daily Meal’s 101 best restaurants in Asia were voted by more than restaurant critics, food and lifestyle writers, bloggers with wide restaurant-going experience and long-term foreign residents in the Europe

Being on the top of the list 101 best Asian restaurants is Din Tai Fung, a Taiwan food restaurant, famous for its steamed dumplings. Four out of  first 10 restaurants in the list were from Beijing. The majority of restaurants in the list were Chinese ones (28 out of 101), and most of which located in Beijing.

The selection based on 4 criteria: cuisine, style/decoration/service), value and overall buzz.

Many people might wonder about finding the best food stores in Ha Noi. Don’t worry, the top 20 restaurants in Ha Noi below will help you:

1. Chen restaurant chains by Namchen with special taste of Japanese Bbq & hot pot.

Vietnamese food restaurant
Chen restaurant on Giang Vo street, Ha Noi

Chen by Namchen is famous for its menu with more than 50 types of Barbecue hot pot from Japan. Coming here, costumers can freely choose their favourite dishes made by the most well-qualified chefs

The fresh ingredients were directly imported while the spices were appropriately added to suit Vietnamese people’s taste. You will be certainly pleased with meals in here

Price: 270.000 – 300.000 vnd/each person

  1. Bien Dong sea food chain – Bring the ocean to the urban

Bien Dong sea food restaurant attracts many clients with fresh and clean sea food which came from the best seafood granaries such as: Phu Quoc, Kien Giang, Ca Mau, Nha Trang, Quang Ninh… after being cooked by professional chef staffs, each dish will be not only nutrious, healthy but also appealing as they are beautifully-decorated

Price: 250.000 – 300.000 vnd/each person

Vietnamese food restaurant
Bien Dong Sea Food restaurant

3. Viet Buffe – 1A Tang Bat Ho, Hai Ba Trung District

Vietnamese food restaurant
Buffet Viet restaurant

Buffe Viet aims at serving Ha Thanh costumers dishes with unique tastes, Asian – Eropean cusine style, from dishes are imbued with national identity of all three parts to those whose tastes go beyond the country. With the combination of imported ingredients and domestic food sources, dishes provide guarantees for stringent quality standards

Price: 250.000 – 350.000 vnd/each person

4. Bo Nhung Dam 555

Vietnamese food restaurant
Bo Nhung Dam 555 Restaurant

Being the most well-known food store chain in Ha Noi, Bo Nhung Dam 555 has become an familiar destination with clients when it comes to top best restaurants in Ha Noi. In here, customers can enjoy “bo nhung dam” hotpot (beef meat dipped in vinegar) with the unforgettable taste and it is suitable to eat in all 4 seasons in Ha Noi

Price: 150.000 – 170.000 vnd/ each person

5. Hai Cang food chain – the combination of Chinese and Vietnamese cusine

Vietnamese food restaurant
Hai Cang restaurant at Vincom Centre.

Famous for the luxurious space, subtle imperial architecture, Hai Cang is a prestigious restaurant in Ha Noi and it is the first choice for conferences, business appoinments as well as company’s party, fammily’s party. Tham Tinh Roasted goose, Bao Ngu Nam Phi cat pham, Ca nuong tuyet, cua be xao mien, Thung nuong mo hanh, Gan Ngong Phap sot vang do… are some special dishes with extremely impressive aftertaste

Price: 300.000 – 500.000 vnd/ each person


6. Hot N Tasty – 81 Lang Ha, Dong Da Dist

Vietnamese food restaurant
Hot N Tasty restaurant


With Hot N Tasty Lang Ha, customers can try on more than 70 BBQ & hotpot dishes served with US beef meat, Australia beef meat, chicken meat, crocodile meat and other kinds of fresh seafood like oyster, shrimp, cuttle-fish, octopus… all the ingredients are directly imported from US, Australia, Norway with the top quality. This will bring you the most delectable meal.

Price: 150.000 – 500.000 vnd/ each person

7. King BBQ

King BBQ desires to bring Ha Noi costumers who love Korean cuisine experiences of becoming a real Korean. It offers more than 200 delicious high-quality dishes. Especially, thanks to a secret sauce recipe made by Park Sung Min, a Korean chef, who has over 40 year experience in food making, you will definitely have a wonderful party with unique taste

Price: 200.000 – 350.000 vnd/ each person

8. The Gioi Han San – The world of fresh seafood

The Gioi Han San offers a diverse menu including more than 100 types of fresh seafood with top quality, namely Shrimp, crab, osyster, fish… selected from the richest sea areas throughout the country. You will have chance to try special dishes with both stranged and familiar flavour made by cooking staffs having over 20 year experiences

Price: 400.000 –450.000 vnd/ each person

9. Quan An Ngon- the quintessence of 3 mien cuisine

Quan An Ngon focuses on maintaining and preserving the quintessence of traditional cuisine from 3 parts for posterity through a menu with special flavors. You can join the journey discovering Vietnamese cuisine and then you will more appreciate our true country’s values

Price: 120.000 – 150.000 vnd/ each person.

10. Buffet Su

Customers are served Western- Asian dishes and this restaurant is equipped with traditional food stands, barbecued food areas and mobile pancakes. Clients are attracted not only by the delicious taste but also the elegant decoration style of the dishes. If you are looking for a food place to hold a cozy party, this restaurant might be an ideal choice

Price: 300.000 – 450.000 vnd/ each person

11. Dedu Deli BBq

Dedi Deli BBQ has always been the ideal destination with dinners whenever they want to enjoy high-quality dishes with delicious flavors in a beautiful and pleasant space. Dishes are sophistiscatedly mixed with different sauces like Teryaki, black pepper sauce, Brazil sauce…. to suit any appetites

Price: 200.000 – 300.000 vnd/ each person.

12. Ao Quan – 18/19 Dong Tac, Dong Da District

Ao quan acts out the image of Northern countryside with some old features so that the customers can recall it. You will have chance to try on a typical drink of the countryside with “ruou nam”, “chen sanh’, and dishes are laid on a basket lined with banana leaves… along with other dishes such as cooked sticky rice, frog, fish or hotpot with typical taste which can not be found in nowhere else.

Price: 160.000 – 180.000 vnd/ each person

13. Sing BBQ – original Singapore cuisine. Vietnamese food restaurants

With a variety of more than 100 dishes imbued with Singapore national identity, Sing BBQ is an deal place of distinctive and delicious dishes. The ingredients are totally imported from Singapore, Australia, US, which helps to guarantee the quality and flavor of the dishes.

Price: 200.000 – 300.000 vnd/ each person.

14. La Brasserie – the first floor of Nikko hotel, 84 Tran Nhan Tong, Hai Ba Trung Dist

The 5 star standard restaurant, La Brasserie, with over 20 year history of establishment and development , is an extremely famous destination in Ha Noi due to luxurious parties. Parties with Western- Asia style are prepared by experienced chefs, which are highly attractive.

Price: 400.000 – 800.000 vnd/ each person.

15. Su Bia – 23 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Hai Ba Trung Dist

Su Bia has various forms of cuisine, from more than 300 Vietnamese traditional dishes of all three parts to Western – Asian ones with clear flavor. Besides, this restaurant have 3D space with many trees, which creates a sense of nature-friendly  but  still luxurious and sexual atmosphere.

Price: 270.000 – 300.000 vnd/ each person

16. Luong Son food store – 173 Thai Ha, Dong Da Dist – Vietnamese food restaurants

With the most original design style among restaurant in Ha Noi, Luong Son Quan offers a swashbuckling space which is strange but familiar and interesting. Besides, the creative menu with the  specialities, rustic dishes or delicious wines of ethnic minority residents is an important element in attracting clients

Price: 180.000 – 200.000 vnd/ each person

17. Bo To Quan Moc – 102 Thai Thinh, Dong Da Dist – Vietnamese food restaurants

Becomes appeal to customers by its high-grade beef dishes with typical flavor along with all kind of cooking style from grilling, frying, steaming,… extremely attractive. Especially, the restaurant uses quintessential Vietnamese spices to make the differences in each dish, which is rustic and familiar with each of us.

Price: 150.000 – 200.000 vnd/ each person

  1. Wrap and Roll Restaurant

Clients of Wrap and Roll can choose familiar dishes with more than 40 Vietnamese traditional rolls, mixing with 9 kinds of sauces prepared in an unique way, which makes up its distinctive character and identity. With the clear taste of 3 –part roll, you will learn more about the subtle favor in Vietnamese cuisine.

Price: 100.000 – 250.000 vnd/ each person

  1. Kowloon – standard Hong Kong cuisine with subtle favor

With the aim of bringing Ha Thanh dinners chances to enjoy dishes imbued with tastes of Cang Thong, Kowloon built up a brand following a buffet style with nearly 50 dishes. Soft and fragrant Dimsum, sweet and fresh hotpot broth… all of them draw a wonderful picture of cuisine.

Price: 230.000 – 330.000 vnd/ each person

  1. SumoBBQ – Japanese traditional Yakiniku barbecue art

SumoBBQ offers barbecue dishes with different types of high-grade beef and a variety of seafood. They are grilled directly on hot coals and then served with Yakiniku sauce created by long-term experience chefs, which makes you improbable to stop enjoying. Especially, customers can totally feel secure about the quality of the dishes as beef meat is 100% imported from Australia and US.

Price: 250.000 – 400.000 vnd/ each person